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Rusty Reuff

(October 31, 2005) If you ever want to meet the prototype of an HR Executive who really deserves his seat at the strategic table, find a way to meet Rusty Reuff. For the past seven years, Rusty has been the Czar of HR at fast growing Electronic Arts. Prior to EA, he held positions with the PepsiCo companies for more than 10 years. At the start of his career, he spent six years in commercial radio as an on-air personality. He currently serves on the corporate boards of All Covered and Sports Potential, Inc.

Rusty was never a typical HR weenie. The times we visited with him at EA, he was always operating hands-on in the affairs of the boardroom. Leadership and charisma, unusual qualities in an HR leader flowed from him like a pheromone trail. Rusty was a serious player in the future of the company.

His contributions are recognized and well understood throughout Silicon Valley.

Recently. Rusty announced that he was leaving EA and HR. Snocap, the powerful new valley startup has chosen him as their new CEO. It's an unusual move and one well worth applauding. Rusty is the kind of fellow you want to follow. That's what real leadership is all about.

Best of luck, Mr. Reuff.

The press release follows.

SNOCAP, the first end-to-end provider of digital licensing and copyright management services for the digital music marketplace, today announced its appointment of Rusty Rueff to the position of chief executive officer.

 "As millions of consumers move to the web to purchase digital music, SNOCAP enables access to the broadest catalog of music by allowing rights holders to manage their distribution across multiple channels and providing retailers with the ability to create cost efficient and customizable offerings.  Rusty will provide experienced business leadership at a time when SNOCAP is poised for tremendous growth," said Jeff Mallett, SNOCAP's Chairman.

 "I'm very excited to join the SNOCAP team.  It is a phenomenal time for the company and for the delivery of digital music," said Rueff.  "I am convinced SNOCAP will be a global leader, providing tremendous benefits for artists and rights holders, for online retailers and most of all, for music lovers around the world. It is a privilege to lead a team that is so passionate and committed to transforming the online music marketplace."

 "As CEO, Rusty will continue to lead us on the path to achieving our company vision, " said Shawn Fanning, SNOCAP's Founder. "Rusty's track record speaks for itself; not only has he demonstrated leadership by directing companies through significant growth but he has the desire, passion, and commitment that is a 'must' for SNOCAP."

 Rueff most recently served as executive vice president for human resources at Electronic Arts, the world's largest interactive entertainment software company with revenues of over $3 billion. Reporting directly to EA's Chairman and CEO for the past seven years, Rueff has been a member of the senior management team that has quadrupled the Company's revenues and grown the talent force to over 6500 global employees while being the market share leader for the fastest growing form of entertainment. EA is known for delivering award winning digital media integrated with major brands, studios, technologies, and celebrities from around the world.

 In addition to overseeing global human resources and talent management at EA, Rueff was responsible for corporate services and facilities, corporate communications, and government affairs. 

Founded in September 2002, SNOCAP, Inc., based in San Francisco, offers record labels, publishers, and artists an end-to-end solution for digital licensing and copyright management services. Through SNOCAP, operators of authorized peer-to-peer services and online retailers will have access to the largest possible catalog of authorized content that has historically been available only on unauthorized services. SNOCAP provides digital music technology and services to Universal Music Group, SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT, EMI, TVT Records, Artemis Records/Sheridan Square Entertainment, Beggars Group, Matador Records, One Little Indian Records, Ryko Group and an extensive roster of other leading independent labels. SNOCAP's easy-to-use service for registering digital content and managing online distribution will enable a more vibrant digital marketplace with better selection and a variety of compelling business models. SNOCAP's database will include current hits, new releases, live recordings, remixes, B-sides and out-of-print tracks culled from major labels, independent and unsigned artists. For more information, visit www.snocap.com.

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