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In The Blogs.
(July 21, 2005) Information Overload, how do you keep up. In the interests of bringing a little sanity your way, here's the best of the Recruiting blogs so far this month:
  1. Recruiting.com has added a powerful new feature on the sidebar of their home that watches an RSS feed of all Recruiting blogs. The service is duplicated at RecruitingBlogs.com
  2. Robert Merrill at Utah Tech Jobs gives a first hand review of the Ladders.
  3. Shally reviews and compares search engines.
  4. Steve Fogarty aims his pithy remarks at the HotJobscraper.
  5. Douglas Eisenhart from the BostonWorksBlog covers the job market for liberal arts majors.
  6. HRMarketer; Quality Content is Where It's At....White Papers = Sales Leads
  7. DubDubs weighs in on the truth about what "integration" means
  8. 10 Trends for 10 Years is MSpecht's best current offering. Also see his Top Ten Workplace/Workforce Forecasts for 2005
  9. Blogging for Candidates 101: Nuts and Bolts
  10. Our recent jobster article caused a great conversation over at Recruiting.com and a powerful, positive reaction at Jobster. Jason Goldberg, Jobster's CEO is a potent and welcome addition to our industry. More tomorrow.
  11. Joel Cheesman weighs in with his .02 on the subject: It might be simpler than it looks. Joel also takes on search engine employment advertising. Sometimes, Joel shills a little heavily for his boss.
  12. Andrew Marritt blogs powerfully about referral programs and their success factors.

John Sumser

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