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(June 21, 2005)  Long time readers will understand our continual wrestle with the idea of diversity. One the one hand, nothing appears more obvious than the historical evidence that a nation's quality of life, economical and cultural is dependent upon its ability to continually absorb new peoples and ideas. We've ranted and raved about the powerful need to include a whole range of differences under this umbrella. We know that a diverse workplace is a stronger one.

At the same time, we acknowledge the frustrations expressed by those who are tired of eating at the PC diner. Diversity is not a justification for more entitlements, it's a recipe for effectiveness. It's a way of being in consonance with our history not an open ledger for new classes of victims.

The Whittier Daily News (Richard Nixon's hometown paper) recently ran an editorial that read:

Hispanics are now the nation's largest and fastest-growing ethnic group, a double distinction that benefits the country immensely while testifying to America's enduring promise of a better life. The Census Bureau's estimate that the United States is home to more than 41 million people of Hispanic origin also signals the rise of an economic and political constituency that seems certain to grow during coming decades. Such is life in these United States.

The trend will discomfit nativists and others who'd shut the Golden Door that welcomed their ancestors. Many of these folks, it must be said, feel threatened by the arrival of Spanish-speaking families far from traditional Latino strongholds like New York and Los Angeles. But they refuse to see the many benefits and you can look it up.

The census figures show, for example, that the Hispanic population grew by 3.6 percent in the year ending last July. That was triple the country's growth rate and helped fuel the economy with workers.......

Interestingly, Hispanic growth is now attributable more to births than to immigration. As a result, the Hispanic population is comparatively young, with high numbers of children under 18 and more than half under 27. This concentration of youth will be an antidote to the graying of America, helping the country meet the demands that will befall Social Security and Medicare when baby boomers retire.

Recognizing that our futures are in the hands of a collectively diverse workforce is no small realization. A large part of straightening out our cultural obligations will involve the way that we pass things on to out heirs. As has always been the case in America, our heirs are from different nationalities and there are more of them. Treating the resource that controls our destinies as if it were just that is a reasonable and practical thing to do.

John Sumser

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