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(June 10, 2005) John Sullivan's notion that good recruiting must be a proactive hunt for a specific piece of talent suggests that every hire is worth the price of the current Boeing executive search. Of course, that's not true. But, as we approach 2010, changes in technique, based on market conditions, are increasingly appropriate.

Simply treading water in  this era of media dis-integration is a tough challenge. As newspaper circulation declines and new media outlets rise up to replace what was new last week, just knowing where to deliver your message is an elusive task. Google's advertising revenues are increasing daily on this dynamic alone.

In a purely theoretical world, the process is designed to execute the strategy so designing the strategy comes first. That means determining the detailed recruiting requirements over the next several years and then articulating the approach you will use. A simple strategy could take as little as a week if you were clear (with yourself and others) that you'd continue to need refinements on a routine basis.

Once the basic workforce planning is complete (how many and when), the question of sourcing and sourcing strategy is on the table. You can build a reactive strike force that launches into play as soon as a requirement is understood (per Sullivan) or you can plan for the obvious changes implicit in your basic workforce plan.

In concert with the workforce plan (your labor demand), it is necessary to build an assessment of the available supply. A good, working estimate is possible to develop using available data. The supply estimate should be specific to the level of age groups and professions, at a minimum. These are the people you are trying to attract to you labor pool.

John Sumser

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