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(March 02, 2005) - The San Diego area is the center of a good deal of the job-scraping industry. The latest to emerge is a fascinating new play called WorkZoo.

With a business model tied to Google advertising (and, we'll bet targeted marketing in the long run), WorkZoo is small, from a staffing perspective. The impact it will make on our industry is disproportionately large.

The service scans lots and lots of job boards each day. Paying strict attention to each site's guidelines for job scraping, WorkZoo is a responsible web citizen.

Here is the results page for a search for jobs as a "Program Manager" posted in the past 7 days within 15 miles of our zip code. There are several things worth noting on the page:

In other words, this is a one click service that makes visiting other job board sites nearly irrelevant. Job board owners are going to have to decide (and quickly) how to approach the problem. Most job boards view the WorkZoo service as additional free distribution of their jobs. Some, like Monster, have policies that indicate that they view this as a traffic decreaser. Whichever perspective your job board has, it's time to make a decision.

Another interesting set of features is available on the WorkZoology page. Included are statistics and lists covering:

  • Cities with the most jobs during the last week
  • Job web sites that have received the most clicks on their jobs during the last 24 hours
  • Jobs that received the most clicks during the last 24 hours
  • Most importantly, an animated map showing the distribution of jobs around the United States

It's very early in the evolution of RSS job distribution. Googling "RSS Jobs" shows 195,000 results. Soon, all services will offer some variation on the theme.

Be sure to investigate:

There's a good listing of RSS Readers from RSSJobs. This is the way that you read the RSS feeds to which you subscribe.

John Sumser

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