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Resume Value Varies II
(November 22, 2004)

Specific Information Influences Value

It is important to underline the fact that specific information contained in the Resume influences its value. The Resume of a solid business development professional is worth less than nothing to a recruiter seeking to fill a particular position in computer technology.

The act of sifting through a database of Resumes significantly increases the value of the Resumes in the resulting product. By searching through the Resumes with specific requirements in mind, a researcher can discriminate the 'wheat from the chaff'. The process, sometimes referred to as 'information mining', is similar to the physical process of mining minerals.

In mining, large quantities of earth are processed in pursuit of a material that is more valuable than the ore containing the mineral. Obviously, a pile of diamonds is worth more than a pile of diamond ore, which is similarly more valuable than non-discriminated pile of earth. The same principle applies to Resumes.

A group of Resumes that are prescreened for specific variables (availability, technical credentials, job relevance) are significantly more valuable, both individually and collectively than a similarly sized group that has not been so screened.

Value Of A Resume
This section of the note makes a preliminary attempt to quantify, in gross terms, the factors involved in determining a price for a specific Resume. A variety of specific factors are considered and explained. The value of a Resume is directly related to several factors:

    The Strategic Importance of The Hire
    Opportunity Cost (The Cost of Not Having the Resume)
    Value of an individual Resume in a Resume pool
    Value of related information in different circumstances
    Potential for access to the Resume

Additional Topics:

  • Strategic Importance of The Hire    
  • Opportunity Cost (Tactical Importance)    
  • Access To The Resume
  • - John Sumser

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