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Employment Branding VII

(September 2, 2004)
Today, we move to the next segment of 'The Elements Of An Employment Brand Checklist' (see figure 1):

Value: Propositions and Realities -
The most obvious components of the message are the standard arsenal of recruiting messages about benefits and perks. When developing a brand message, it is critical that the grounding elements of the message are congruent with the realities of the organization.

It is no small effort to find the reasons that a specialist will want to enjoy the benefits of working for your company. In these sorts of arenas, focusing on Professional Challenge and the opportunity to broaden both experience and skills is the right strategy.

Wal-Mart has figured out how to make life in rural North Arkansas seem attractive. If they can make a silk purse out of that particular sow's ear, then you should clearly be able to describe the location, size, industry and benefits offered by your organization in positive terms for an audience that wants to hear that message.

Perhaps the most important rule in developing a set of message value propositions is "Never claim to be what you are not."
  • Hygiene: Comp and Benefits
  • Challenge By Profession
  • Benefits of Membership
  • Specific Attractors
Audience Retention/Relationship Management The whole point of building a brand is to have a relationship with a group of interested potential candidates. Once the basic requirements, messaging, and delivery mechanisms are in place, the campaign can begin. Two issues characterize the execution phase of the process:
  • Mining Positive Results,
  • Building Long-Term Relationships.
Aggregation Of Positive Results
Typically, an applicant tracking system (ATS) (if résumés are collected initially) can be used to build a database of positive results. If the branding campaign is going to slowly build data about the people, who respond to the campaign, most ATSs are inadequate. The design of a flexible record keeping system (a relational database) needs to be integrated with the ongoing process.

Early in the development of the employment brand campaign, the key variables of data that will be collected over time need to be assembled. Along with standard demographic and contact data, historical information (work and education history) will certainly be collected.

It is useful to think of each element of data as a contribution made by the candidate, although value delivery (training programs, novelties, technical information, and so on) may not be exchanged for each data element. It is useful to consider defining a budget for data acquisition from the people, who respond positively to the campaign.

The essence of this relationship is very one sided: the candidate derives a benefit from belonging, the employer provides that benefit in order to "get to know the respondent better."

In sheer economic terms, the cost of retaining a respondent in the database as an active "member" can be understood as "somewhat higher than the cost of not responding." This element varies from profession to profession and tax bracket to tax bracket. (Interestingly, the same rationale applies to more formal retention programs. Employees leave when the cost of leaving is lower than the cost of staying.)

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