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Employment Branding IV

(August 30, 2004)
As we continue to look at the 'The Elements Of An Employment Brand Checklist' (see figure 1), we review the details of the specific elements and processes that are involved in a consistent employment brand-building endeavor.

         Clear Staffing Requirements Definitions
                  Immediate Requirements
                  Medium Term (1 to 3 Years)
                  Long Term (3 to 5 Years)
                  Prioritization and Budgeting

Survey the hiring managers, who are responsible for the requisitions (and their managers, if possible), to determine the volume of additional requirements over the coming year.

Interview incumbents and evaluate the likelihood that the company wants "more of the same." Collect information from the hiring manager about the qualities that are desirable in an ideal candidate.

Summarize the findings and perform a demographic analysis (as described below).

Medium Term (1-3 years)
Most organizations with more than 50 employees have regular Strategic Planning Processes. Organized on an annual cycle, they are the firm's attempt to see beyond the annual budget horizon. These processes generally start at the beginning of the fiscal year and have their conclusions at the conclusion of the annual budget development cycle. Although HR should have a role in the process (making the growth and market forecasts easy to acquire), often they are really better understood as the work that Marketing and the CEO do together.

Directly translating a Strategic Plan into rough planning estimates for hiring requirements is straightforward. The Plan will have growth percentages and revenue approximations. Simply divide the current headcount by the current numbers and apply the ratio to the scenarios presented in the Strategic Plan.

Long Term (3-5 years)
Long-term staffing requirements can be either estimated from growth plans or gleaned from SEC filings (if the company is public). Gross estimates are adequate for the out years. The trick in developing and budgeting brand campaigns for the out years is gauging the multiplier. That is, for every position that needs to be filled, a certain number of potential candidates need to be aware of the brand. With quantitative targets, clear feedback and measurement systems can be readily established.

Prioritization and Budgeting
No matter what the economy does over the next five years, candidates will become increasingly difficult to find and build a relationship with. Coupled with the fact that each company's employment branding process will be, by definition, a unique proposition, a good deal of flexibility for experimentation is required in initial budgeting. Over time, it will become possible to develop a formulaic approach to budget development.

Some categories of employees may be better branded through another mechanism. Staffing companies, executive search firms, and even some websites offer the capacity to reach out to specific subsets when the internal costs do not justify the development of a comprehensive delivery mechanism.

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