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Employment Branding III

(August 27, 2004)
Elements of an Employment Brand

The Elements Of An Employment Brand Checklist (see figure 1 - below), details the specific elements and processes that are involved in a consistent employment brand-building endeavor.

Developing an employment brand involves making a multiyear commitment. Brand development involves the repetition and fine-tuning of the same message over time. Think of "Be All That You Can Be," the Army's employment branding message, as the epitome of a 20th Century campaign. The hook phrase was repeated in all sorts of communications media over the course of 20 years. Consistency, targeting, and repetition are the necessary baselines. The difference between the Army's monolithic campaign and effective contemporary campaigns is that today's market environment requires a tailoring of the message and value proposition at the department level.

Consumers have high expectations for personalized service and are willing to walk or even surf the web to get it. Attracting and retaining potential candidates is critical. The best approach to defeating the daily assault of new challenges is to embrace marketing's oldest golden rule-the customer is always right-and applying it to potential employees.

With this in mind, candidates must always be at the center of every employment marketing decision; their influence radiating out to every point of contact you have with them. It is up to you to know their behaviors and preferences and tailor your employment marketing strategies to cater to their needs. Companies, who recognize this and build their strategies around retaining and deepening their relationships with their potential employees, are the ones who will succeed.

Clear Staffing Requirements Definitions

It is impossible to make a sound judgment about the breadth and scope of an employment branding campaign without a clear picture of staffing requirements. Ideally, the employment branding project can become a vehicle for participation in strategic growth conversations within the organization. Barring direct organizational input, it remains entirely possible to move into a proactive mode by estimating growth requirements and circulating the estimate for comment approval.

Immediate Requirements

Immediate requirements are the open requisitions currently handled by the recruiting department. A thorough inventory of open positions, including department, days in queue, budget to fill, profession, job description, and so on, is a great starting point for building a brand.

Employment Branding I
Employment Branding II

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