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Employment Branding II

(August 26, 2004)
The labor shortage creates a new requirement for the development of relationships between employers and demographically defined pools of candidates. This process, which is an outgrowth of the emerging changes in the basic concept of management, is nothing less than a redefinition of the boundaries of the organization.

Figure 1. Elements of an Employment Brand Checklist
    Clear Staffing Requirements Definitions
             Immediate Requirements
             Medium Term (1 to 3 Years)
             Long Term (3 to 5 Years)
             Prioritization and Budgeting

    Department-Level Demographic Targets
             Age Groupings
             Regional Groupings
             Historical Groupings
             Key Intersections

    Message Components
             Core Hook and Tailoring
             Graphic Images
             Level Of Playfulness
             Profession Specifics

    Value: Propositions and Realities
             Hygiene: Comp and Benefits
             Challenge By Profession
             Benefits of Membership
             Specific Attractors

    Audience Retention/ Relationship Management
             Aggregation Of Positive Results
             Time-Based Data Collection
             Pulsed Value Delivery
             Communications Systems
             Brand Reinforcement

    Performance Feedback Mechanisms
             Response Rates
             Repeat Traffic
             Supply Effectiveness
             Hiring Quality
             Formal Assessment

    Delivery Mechanisms

The combination of need and trend is fortuitous. As the generational labor shortage unfolds its consequences, the competition for employees must become increasingly precise. Over the next several years, we will witness a series of increasingly successful branding exercises that focus clearly on the branding of subcomponents of the organization.

What makes Company X the employer of choice for Unix professionals is unlikely to be the dynamic that attracts candidates in accounting. A brand, as it is commonly understood, is a good place to start. But, the focus on being a generic "employer of choice" is an inadequate vision for effective long-term labor supply management.

The correct approach to brand development moves the equation as close as possible to the potential candidate. In a shortage environment, the candidate holds the upper hand and all approaches must become candidate centric. In other words, the brand exists through the eyes of the potential candidate, not the company insiders.

Employment Branding I

- John Sumser © TwoColorHat. All Rights Reserved.

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