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Job Creation

(February 02, 2004) - From a policy perspective, managing the attraction and retention of the Artist segment requires the same level of flexibility with which these players are treated. If the Core Group functions as the organization's captain, the Artists are the "make it so" bunch. While an enduring operation clearly requires that the bulk of the workforce be managed quantitatively, the qualitative issues clearly emerge when evaluating the value and performance of the Artists.

More so than any other operational aspect, there must be room for artists to fail. The creative end of business (and any other organization) is a messy affair filled with half baked initiatives. From product integration problems to new market initiatives, the Artists take the messy and make it work.

Artists dominate the space in which new jobs are created. To use a familiar example, who were the first webmasters? They were almost always anyone but members of the IT Department (who were quite busy claiming that HTML was unimportant). The Artists tackle new and unforgiving challenges for the organization. They define and redefine until the new work can be proceduralized and professionalized. They are the function that defines and polishes new jobs.

"Economists, questioning why America's job creation in the recovery of the early 1990s fell short of expected levels, have reconsidered the ideas of Joseph Schumpeter, who offered the first scholarly explanation of the churn in the 1930s. Schumpeter advanced the paradox that economic progress destabilizes the world. Progress and job destruction go hand in hand in a dynamic process he called creative destruction. Today, as in the 1930s, Schumpeter's insights help explain how jobs emerge and disappear through the innovation and entrepreneurship of free enterprise."
-From Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas 1992 Report

The tough thing about managing, attracting and retaining them is that they may well seem superfluous in times of bottom line focus. That dynamic has changed the relationship between the Artists and the organization.

In practical terms, the customization required to successfuly maintain an effective layer of adaptation in an organization (the Artists) requires having a hands on view of the work being done and a strong view of its relative importance to the rest of the ecosystem. It will consistently defy the desire to standardize.

John Sumser

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