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(January 02, 2004) -

For the first time, more Californians were born in a foreign country than another state in the US. While the number of Californians with college degrees continues to increase, there is a massive departure of middle class members. Future population expansion is guaranteed by the high fertility rates of international immigrants.
- Charticle, The Milken Institute

Current immigration policies ignore our increasing requirements for skilled workers

  • Jobs Come and Go

    In 1970, the telecommunications industry employed 421,000 switchboard operators. In the same year, Americans made 9.8 billion long distance calls. Today, the telecommunications industry employs only 78,000 operators. That's a tremendous 80 percent job loss.

    What should Congress have done to save those jobs? Congress could have taken a page from India's history. In 1924, Mahatma Gandhi attacked machinery, saying it "helps a few to ride on the backs of millions" and warned, "The machine should not make atrophies the limbs of man." With that kind of support, Indian textile workers were able to politically block the introduction of labor-saving textile machines. As a result, in 1970 India's textile industry had the level of productivity of ours in the 1920s.
    - Walter E. Williams in Townhall.com

  • New Opportunities For Older Workers


  • Job-Creation Schemes Don't Work

    Politicians, supporters of state spending, and even questioning students often challenge this negative view of taxation with the positive effects of public spending. In essence, the argument runs something like this:

    Say man A makes $100,000 and man B is unemployed. The State decides to create a government job for man B. To do this, they tax man A $50,000 to pay for man B's salary. Surely the $50,000 that man A lacks is now in the hands of man B, who will spend it in the economy instead?  Therefore shouldn't there be no overall loss to the economy, but more people employed?
    -Richard Teather, Ludwig von Mises Institute


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