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5 Years Ago Today

(October 17, 2003) - The wrap up analysis and look at viability is taking a bit longer than expected. It will be ready on Monday.

So, let's look at the thinking from 5 years ago.

Pricing and Cost
(October 16, 1998) Getting your arms around the actual costs and benefits of online Recruiting is no small challenge. First of all, there's the learning curve and the persistent nagging notion that you are missing something. Then there's the problem of figuring out how to compare the costs to your existing processes. Then there's the question of how and when to integrate web results into your existing data streams.

One thing is very sure. The real costs of using online Recruiting tools are internal. The fees for posting a job or running some other form of advertisement are just the tip of the iceberg. We'd go so far as to say that Internet Recruiting is not only not cheaper than other methods, it is significantly more expensive. While the price is low, the costs are high.

Don't misunderstand. We are definitely not saying to stop using the net as a Recruiting tool. We're just pointing out its relative cost. If you are going to spend the money, we think you should understand why and how to maximize your return. We are asking that you drop the assumption that "cheap" is a useful rationale. We are suggesting that you give your attention to what you are buying rather than to what you are being sold.

The strengths of the net are speed, endurance and intimacy. Ultimately, what you buy online is higher quality. You pay accordingly. Using the net to recruit, you obtain the opportunity to form long term relationships with candidates who are available nearly instantly for relationships.

The medium itself is "hotter" than the alternatives. This is a way of describing the opportunity that the web offers to form intimate bonds initiated by the candidate. Maintaining those relationships, through the constant delivery of candidate-centric value, is possible through effective database manipulation. Personalization allows you to turn the "slush pile" into a labor pool.

If you don't take advantage of these opportunities, you are basically overpaying for your tools.

John Sumser

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