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Talent Development Resources

(September 19, 2003) - Surprisingly, we've never seen a 'talent' oriented operation that rooted itself in the sea of available literature about talent in our culture. Although we received some very positive reactions to our equation of recruiting and baseball, a deeper exploration remains absent. We've been deeply considering the notion that the Talent Wars will turn political and that they are already playing out in the leadership levels of our organizations.

Talent is tracked in the school systems. Gifted children take Advanced Placement courses, have discrete learning styles, go to certain colleges, become celebrities and so on. Just outside of our narrow universe is a body of knowledge and understanding, freed from the industrial psychologist's need to fit things together.

One of those resources is TalentDevelop.com. Loaded with articles and insight about nurturing talent, TalentDevelop.com is decidedly not your mainstream corporate thinking about Human Capital.

Browse through the site's articles. Oriented, as it is, to the idea that artists, actors, writers and other celebrities are the talent that matters, the articles range from techniques for encouraging and learning creativity to the personal qualities of gifted people. The mental health section focuses on the peculiar tics and problems of talented people.

The talent that makes a difference may well be different from the core of the organization in its needs and management. Take a long browse through the material at TalentDevelop.com. We're certain that you'll discover useful material. Discovering the Gifted Ex-Child may make you rethink your recruiting process

Don't miss Creative Refuge (a job board-ish tool that bills itself as 'a relaxing respite and resource directory for creative professionals).

John Sumser


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