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(July 14, 2003) - There are a number of really meaty conversations going on on the blogs:

OK, let me get this straight...

So, BrassRing used to be a provider of career services ranging from career fairs to job board listings. Now they've all but rid themselves of everything but the Software group (formerly Hiresystems). It seems they had trouble keeping their eye focused on all those balls in the air (juggling isn't their forte, obviously). Now, just as they're getting the handle on keeping one ball in the air and trying to make it profitable (by downsizing no less) without much in the way of sales they're throwing another ball in the air?

Outsourcing??? when, exactly, did they develop that in house expertise? And of the less than 200 people or so that are left just who are these experts in outsourcing? Running a job board is one thing and job fairs is another. Software is another game entirely. Where are these outsourcing experts coming from? Have they been hiding in the background all this time? is that where all that money went to? Is the expertise really there and just now peaking out to suggest they can add to the bottom line?

Curious move this is. How is it going to match up with their current business plan and how do they see this evolving? Surely they can't be expecting to be bale to compete with the likes of Exult right off the bat. Exult didn't just appear and start signing contracts. This is a curious move indeed. If BrassRing isn't selling software how do they expect to be able to sell multi million dollar long term outsourcing deals?

They do have an established client base that they can sell this new set of services to but from what I've heard not many in their install base are very happy right now on many fronts. Makes me wonder whether they will buy anything from BrassRing anymore let alone stay on board with them.......

From SMS

And this:

The Curse of the ATS Marketplace

A good curse, or legend of one, starts long ago and far away. This one starts 15 to 20 years ago - before the Internet had emerged, before anyone had developed an ATS solution for the large Enterprise. It starts with two companies: Resumix and Restrac (now webhire).

Resumix and Restrac owned the world of ATS. There weren't any other players. ERP wasn't even an acronym yet - so there were not ERP players considering moving into their space. The cost of technology barrier was higher then than it is today, so you didn't have a flock of small companies trying to quickly release competitive products. For years companies that wanted to automate their staffing process bought one of two solutions. Those must have been the days for the Resumix and Restrac teams. "Well, they won this deal, but we won that one."

Rather than typing Resumix and Restrac over and over again, I'll just refer to them from here on out as "The Dinosaurs".

When the Dinosaurs first emerged they were greeted with great acceptance by the HR and IT buying communities. There had never been anything like what they offered corporate America. The promise of less paper? A searchable database? Our very own system to track everything and run reports? Heck! Explain what that all means and then sign me up!

And the Dinosaurs plodded along signing up significant numbers of the Fortune 1000 and large private and public companies. Owning the market. The only games in town....... but what happened? Some say they weren't ready for the evolution of the Internet and were slow to release web based products -- this only partly true. Some say they lost their vision and their sales teams weren't executing -- only partly true again. Some say they just didn't react quickly enough -- again only partly true. So, how then after years of leading the market - un-interrupted growth with minimal competition - and development of large customer bases did the Dinosaurs put themselves on the brink of extinction almost overnight? .......

From Talent Management Blog

John Sumser

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