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Down-market  II
(December 04, 2002) - Sometimes we're reminded that there's a long way to go. It's dis-heartening to be shown precisely how far behind the curve some folks really are. After reading Don't Feed The Monkeys (DFTM)  (a blog devoted to the proposition that the monkeys in HR ought not communicate with the outside world - lest an organization desire irreparable damage to its reputation), we sat quietly for a while.

Among the unbunked nonsense being utilized by so-called HR professionals is a handwriting analysis tool called the Thomas-Jung Type Indicator (see From The Street and Geekly Obsessions as well) brought to you by an outfit known as HireGolden. Frighteningly, this is the competition in the local non-office marketplace. (The great thing about the web is that a google search on the subject shows a small proliferation).


DFTM provided us with one good laugh...The Monkey Index of overused HR phraseology: the number of times meaningless HR cliches were found on Google

  • Ability to multitask: 3,070 times
  • Establish and maintain relationships: 4,170
  • Exciting career opportunities: 8,380
  • Fast-paced environment: 32,100
  • Ability to travel: 32,400
  • Opportunity of a lifetime: 33,700
  • Proven experience: 38,900
  • Commensurate with experience: 45,600
  • Strong work ethic: 46,800
  • Six figure income: 64,000
  • In strict confidence: 67,400
  • Excellent benefits: 72,900
  • Self-starter: 83,000
  • Dream job: 166,000
  • Relevant experience: 168,000
  • Successful candidate: 190,000
  • Prior experience: 265,000
  • Work from home: 311,00
  • Hands on experience: 659,000

Post the Monkey Index next to the desk where job ads are approved. 

We discovered DTFM through a link on hcm.blogspot.com. The blog universe continues to grow with large numbers of HR related offerings. It's the bright spot that counterbalances the reality portrayed in DTFM.

- John Sumser

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