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The Electronic Recruiting News is a Free Daily Newsletter For Recruiters, HR Managers, Advertising Agencies and Clasified Advertising Operations

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    Trade Shows

    (January 28, 2002) An Excerpt from the 2002 Electronic Recruiting Index

    In some (few) ways, we will miss the trade shows. The hustle and bustle gave meaning to the lives of faceless marketers and potential customers alike. The longstanding sham that allowed 'sponsors' to dominate the communications at the shows (as if they were objective presenters of fact) and the friendly griping about the paucity of time vendors had with customers will become things of the past.
  • Boondoggle travel, winked at as an opportunity for 'continuing education' was a luxury of a time when travel did not contain the currently perceived risk. During 2002 a number of trade shows will simply go out of business. Any operation with a national audience that requires some level of physical touch will be faced with changing its outlook. In other words, local chapters of professional associations will gain in power as the relevance of a national association, cemented in the past by trade shows, fades into oblivion.

    That means that in the post-trade show era, marketing costs are going to grow. There will be a broad range of experiments with Webinars, microtradeshows, multimedia campaigns and other web outreach. But, in the long haul, the loss of the trade show will result in a profound strengthening of the local chapter. Interestingly, this dynamic will be the source of the investment required to really build communities of professionals that can be harvested for recruiting/acquisition purposes.

    - John Sumser


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