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(June 5, 2001) The domestic American market is so vibrant and pulsating that we often forget to look beyond our borders. It's not that we're xenophobic, it's a question of time and resources. When we pick our heads up, we seem to always be surprised.

We literally stumbled over RareCompany, a German firm trying to rearrange traditional employment dynamics:

Our mission is to reverse the roles of the traditional recruiting practice. Apart from what is customarily the case, we focus on the ambitious talent who is in search of a position within high-growth companies. It is not the company that selects its co-creators; the co-creator himself chooses the company that best suits his or her vision, goals and ideas!
Focused on making high leverage matches between "talents" or "co-creators" and the cultures they work in, Rare company describes its proposition as the "Targeted Investment of Your Potential". They're really singing the right tune! By passing the retention bugaboo, the clearly point out that
Pleasure at work is an essential part of the employee's satisfaction. Satisfaction is the basis for a long-term commitment. Long-term commitment forms the basis for consistent and efficient growth.

Promising an agent like relationship, they say
You do not have to wait to contact us till you are looking for a new job. As soon as you have registered, your personal coach will contact you to sort out the details. From then on, he/she will keep an eye on the market for you.

Rarecompany supports the co-creators in the short- and long-term. Our work is not finished with the successful placement. We also provide support for the co-creator's career in the new company. Success for rarecompany is to effectively integrate you within our vast network.

Of course, we keep close contact to the companies within our portfolio. That is why we never loose track of the current developments taking place both within these companies and their markets. Consequently, our long-term approach enables us to meet the talent's needs on a high level and optimize our services continuously.

The brilliant marketing goes on:
Growth depends on qualification and commitment. What would a business be without talented people - the foundation of any company? That is why we talk about talents as co-creators.

Since an increasing demand for highly qualified personnel has developed amongst high-growth companies, talented people are highly sought-after. Suddenly companies, eagerly in need of talents in today's dynamic markets, are soliciting potential candidates to join their team. The likelihood of a company attracting a talent to suit both its structure and culture depends on how attractive that company can make itself appear to its potential employees.

The situation is of course ideal for future employees. Those qualified for the environment of high-growth companies have access to a wide range of potential employers.

In fact, this vast number of possible employers is not manageable for the potential employee. It is rather difficult to see which companies will prove to be the "Hidden Champions". Which company offers long-term prospects and is able to adapt to the talent's requirements?

That is where rarecompany comes into action as a market and business analyst advising future co-creators. We examine companies with respect to their competitiveness and culture, thereby enabling potential employees to make sound decisions for the next step in their career.

We can't vouch for the quality of their results. We can assure you, however, that RareCompany has nearly perfected the right approach to the marketing of supply services in the Human Capital Arena.

- John Sumser © TwoColorHat. All Rights Reserved.

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