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The Next Big Thing
(May 08, 2001) If you follow the evolution of online advertising, we're sure that you've seen a ton of information about the death of banner advertising. After the past weeks of tutorial, you will understand that we see it differently. Web advertising is hardly dead; but, the work required to make it effective is no small matter.

In the more traditional advertising realms (remember, Recruitment advertising, although it is a cash cow, is considered a backwater), bigger more intrusive advertising is seen as the wave of the future. Or, as we like to say, when you can't be effective, be louder. So, much noise is being made about interstitials (automatic pop-up windows), daughter window ads (opens behind your browser) and other forms that use intrusion to achieve results. We think they'll be popular until they run out of steam.

That's how it is in the advertising world. The opposite of what works today is always heralded as the future. In the absence of solid thinking, noise is often substituted for message. Shock value, the hallmark of high-end ad campaigns, appears to be the standard alternative to focused message delivery.

It's fascinating to watch our end of the world. Declining ad effectiveness is blamed on a variety of things but never the form of ad itself. Do you see any one of the major job boards innovating the basic idea of their service? No. Is effectiveness in decline? Yes.

We're standing on the verge of the next big thing, waiting for a vendor to say something besides "customers are too stupid to buy something new."

- John Sumser © TwoColorHat. All Rights Reserved.


Look who's gone local!

There is an established job board making new waves in the online recruiting industry. CareerWeb.com, a subsidiary of Trader Publishing Company, is poised for strong growth. Careerweb.com is the online companion to The Employment Guide, a localized print publication with a weekly circulation of 3 million papers. Using the Employment Guide as advertising, Careerweb.com has grown to a sizable site with over 100,000 job searches per day. So why use CareerWeb.com instead of Monster or Hotjobs?

CareerWeb.com is building a network of localized sites. Recruiters can post jobs locally. Similarly, job seekers will find only local jobs. The local site idea is appealing to job seekers who lack the time to search a monstrous job database, and who are not willing to relocate for a "hot" job. Jobseekers like that search results are more specific to their needs.

Check out the first three of these local sites at: OrlandoCareerWeb.com, RaleighCareerWeb.com, and ChicagoCareerWeb.com.

Your Lifeline to Medical Careers
HealthCareerWeb.com is CareerWeb.com's first industry-specific site. It is devoted to the booming Healthcare job market. If you are a recruiter for the healthcare industry, this site is an indispensable tool.

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