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Job Ad Architecture II
(April 23, 2001) The one thing you know for sure about most job ads is that calling them an antidote for insomnia is being polite. Badly worded, overly long, failing to adequately describe the opportunity and impenetrable are but a few of the adjectives that describe the norm. Our friend, the Michael Jackson of recruiting, has written at length about the five year old trend for resume blasters (the origins, we seem to remember, of Bridgepath). Resume blasting is the appropriate response by job hunters to advertising that wastes their time.

That last point is worth an underscore. Badly written job advertisements set a very bad starting point for a relationship with a prospective employee. By not crafting the ad to make the most of the candidate's time, the company is saying, in effect, shoddy performance is celebrated in our company. Join us if you aspire to mediocrity. There is at least some ground for an argument that expects the best written material that comes from a company to be the job ad. After all, it is often the candidate's first encounter with the operation.

Given that recruiters seem to care so little about the quality of their advertisements, is it really any surprise that they get garbage back? As we keep saying,

The meaning of your communication is the result that you get.

- John Sumser © TwoColorHat. All Rights Reserved.


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