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The Michael Jackson of Recruiting
(March 20, 2001) Have you noticed the surprising dominance of Cisco in the current lists of "great" recruiting operations? It's useful to remember that Microsoft held the same position in the early 90's. Blossoming stock options (the rate at which a company produces millionaires) is the real explanation. Now that the stock market has had its way with just about everyone, let's see who the visionaries really are.

We've been watching a great little endeavor work its way through the fits and starts of online infancy. PassingNotes.com

is another start at a communal resource for recruiters featuring lots of useful tips and links. The site itself is worth a tour.

Here's an example of the sort of thoughtful material you receive as a member of their mailing list:

i'm just curious, if one goes to airs' site and clicks on 'search tools' and then in the 'passive candidates' pop-ups, you're asked to prefill some items, but **technically** they are preloading the query (which they present as their own, though it is not) for other sites (allaboutgradschool.com, hoovers.com, etc) and then linking directly to a search results screen, ...at any rate, i have read before via a business law class in grad school that this type of sublinking was no longer legal, that it violates the clearly stated link rules that sites like hoovers maintain to prevent people from bypassing the main page and registering for use with the site (hence impacting ad revenue and copyright restrictions which they place on content and experience)

is anybody aware of this? i'm certain that this is the issue, not certain how sites are required to disclose that they have not actually 'generated any of the research' but rather a big pile of links...for example, if you go to business.com, you'll find that they carefully link to homepages and top level pages only, never 'search result screens' or nested sections...

any thoughts regarding the ethics of such practices, either in general, or in situations where the information is presented 'sort of' as one's own? - this has been an issue with the 'meta search' sites, though most have reorganized the way they distribute advertising throughout their sites...

"the perry mason of recruiting"
"Dave", the mysterious energy behind the project, takes great pride in poking fun at the fellow who describes himself as "the Michael Jackson of Recruiting" (MJoR). A professor at a small California college, MJoR makes a fair living referring clients to alumni of the Cisco juggernaut. While seasoned Internet Recruiting professionals continue to struggle with profoundly unmet needs, MJoR points to the unattainable as a benchmark.

We can virtually guarantee that the best recruiting system features stock options that are guaranteed to outperform the economy.

Meanwhile, at PassingNotes, "Dave" cuts through the BS about who is or isn't a visionary and delivers a stream of useful hints for recruiters. Like the many previous attempts to organize communal research, the site suffers a little from a lack of response to the various posted queries. But, of all of the offerings we've seen recently, Passing Notes is the best available tool for seasoned players who have specific research needs.

- John Sumser © TwoColorHat. All Rights Reserved.

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