Defining Excellence In Electronic Recruiting

Defining Excellence In Electronic Recruiting

IBN: is a four year old company focused exclusively on Electronic Recruiting. We:

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    Our Internet Recruiting Seminars have been attended by over 1,500 Recruiting Professionals and Managers. We build a continuing education program into each seminar.

    This Winter we will be delivering two different seminars in each of 15 cities.

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    Management, Strategy and Tactics

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  • Seminar I: Management, Strategy and Tactics

    Decision makers have gotten short shrift in the Electronic Recruiting Revolution. This information packed presentation delivers both a global perspective and a large dose of common sense. Graduates receive a detailed grounding in the fundamentals and available options. A continuing education program is provided as a part of the package.

    Seminar I Schedule:

    April 29: San Francisco
    May 12: New York City
    May 15: Chicago, IL

    Seminar II
    Advanced Searching and Sourcing

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  • Seminar II: Advanced Searching and Sourcing

    Intended for Recruiting and Staffing Professionals, this workshop will train you to fully use the Internet to find candidates. We cover the use of Spiders and Robots, advanced Search Engine Techniques, Candidate Pool Identification and the development of Just-In-Time Sourcing techniques. Graduates leave with a full toolkit and a solid continuing education program.

    Seminar II Schedule:

    May 01: San Francisco
    May 04: Chicago, IL
    May 06: Denver, CO
    May 06: Columbus, OH
    May 08: Toronto, ON
    May 11: New York, NY
    May 13: Austin, TX
    May 15: Atlanta, GA
    May 18: Irvine, CA
    May 18: Princeton, NJ
    May 20: Boston, MA
    May 20: Seattle, WA

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