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Recruiting News for the Human Resource Professional

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January 6, 2009

Workplace Predictions for 2009 and Beyond
MotivationConnect365 provides a very extensive series of listings regarding the Workforce in 2009. It is called the Top Ten Workplace Predictions for 2009 and Beyond but it is 9 or 10 items in each of the following 6 categories:
    Structure of Work
    Global Business
    Work and Society
    Recruiting and Workforce Development
    Strategic Role of HR
    Compensation and Benefits
      (read more)

HR Jobs

Be sure to visit our Jobs In Human Resources Management Section.

News In Review is a job & resource site for travel nurses, which allows users to research and apply for multiple travel nursing jobs with one easy-to-complete online application.

Infohrm, a global workforce planning, reporting and analytics solutions firm, launches four industry-specific networking consortiums designed to address critical and unique industry challenges in utilizing workforce and business data. The consortiums will offer immediate support to human capital measurement professionals in the Energy and Utilities, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Retail industries .

Slade Consulting Group Inc., provider of research driven recruitment solutions launches Transition AGENT designed to assist executives considering career change by assessing individual work style in conjunction with the personal and practiced interests of professionals to help them better negotiate career change.

Westaff, Inc., provider of staffing services, has received a proposal from Koosharem Corporation (as Select Staffing) under which Select Staffing would acquire all of the outstanding shares of Westaff common stock not owned by DelStaff, LLC for $1.25 per share in cash and all of the shares owned by DelStaff, LLC. Westaff has agreed to an exclusive period of negotiation with Select Staffing through January 14, 2009 and continues to evaluate other alternatives including continuing its operations as an independent company.

Survey Says

According to the newest employment survey from CareerBuilder, employers are taking a wait and see approach to hiring. Findings include, Fourteen percent of employers plan to increase their number of full-time, permanent employees in 2009, compared to 32 percent who anticipated increasing headcount in 2008. Sixteen percent plan to decrease staff levels in 2009 while 56 percent expect no change. Thirteen percent are unsure.

Eight percent of employers plan to increase their number of part-time employees in 2009, down from 21 percent who expected to do so in 2008. Fourteen percent plan to decrease headcount in 2009, 62 percent expect no change and 15 percent are unsure.

Staff expansions are expected to be strongest in the South and West in 2009. Eighteen percent of employers in the South and 14 percent of employers in the West plan to add full-time, permanent employees compared to 13 percent in the Midwest and 11 percent in the Northeast. Employers in the Northeast are projecting one of the largest amounts of staff decreases at 19 percent, followed by 17 percent in the Midwest, 16 percent in the West and 14 percent in the South.

Comparing select industries, job creation in Professional and Business Services and Information Technology is expected to carry into the new year. Twenty-eight percent of IT and 23 percent of Professional and Business Services employers plan to add full-time, permanent employees in 2009, followed by 20 percent of employers in Transportation and Utilities, 16 percent in Sales, 14 percent in Healthcare and 13 percent in Financial Services. Retail employers are also planning to expand staffs at 7 percent followed by 5 percent of Hospitality employers.

The company also forecasts the Seven Major Hiring Trends for 2009 to be
1. Increased Salaries
2. Flexible Work Arrangements
3. Green Jobs
4. Recruitment Tools
5. Retaining Retirees
6. Diversity Recruitment
7. Freelance or Contract Hiring

New Group

Pam Catlett, vice president of recruiting for Semonin Realtors, Cathy Fyock, an employment and staffing strategist with Resources Global Professionals, and Thom Crimans, president and CEO of FranNet MidAmerica, formed the Louisville (Kentucky) chapter of ExecuNet to provide networking and programming for executives and senior-level managers. For more information contact Pam Catlett at or (502) 301-7833.

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