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December 2, 2008 Offers a 'Marketing Bailout' Plan for Cash-Conscious HR Vendors
'Reverse lay-away' program helps HR suppliers continue critical marketing activities during challenging economy

Don't suspend your marketing due to tightened cash flow. That's the advice from, the human resource industry's leading marketing services and software firm. (Read more.)

Reveille & Hyperbole
Members of XING, a network for business contacts in Europe, can now rate the job listings displayed on their start page, allowing the listings on XING to be even more custom tailored to individual qualifications and career paths. Combined with the search function, the job listings can be customized to meet each individual member's desired career path. The ratings system is conducted anonymously, and neither other members nor the job poster can view ratings.

TempWorks Software, a Twin-Cities based provider of staffing and recruiting software, unveils major updates to its DocCenter and WebCenter products. DocCenter allows applicants to electronically complete and sign documents at a kiosk, shortening the on-boarding process, eliminating paper, and saving recruiters valuable time. New WebCenter features will allow electronic access to W2's, saving WebCenter users' several dollars per employee on year-end expenses.

Ten-year Sonoma County staffing veteran Recruiting Resources launched a new employment division specifically targeted at filling sustainably minded management and executive positions. The ECORecruiters principals said their clients range from directly green-related consumer and building products to other less-related industries like real estate and finance.

In November, the ExecuNet Recruiter Confidence Index dropped to its lowest level amid a steady stream of negative economic reports. Despite this decline, recruiters expect the executive employment market to improve in the second half of next year, forecasting a 9-percent increase in search assignments in 2009. According to the November survey of 157 executive recruiters, 26 percent are confident or very confident the executive employment market will improve in the next six months - breaking a previous low of 27 percent in May 2003 - and down from 37 percent in October 2008. The drop in confidence was largely driven by a shift from "very confident and confident" to "somewhat confident," as opposed to "not confident," a positive sign indicating executive recruiters are taking a cautiously optimistic view of the market., Ireland's first online graduate CV database, offers an on-line VideoCV builder and hosting service that allows Graduates to create and present a VideoCV profile to numerous employers. Employers are able to search the CVizz database and review selected CV's and Video's. The service is free for jobseekers. Employers pay a small fee to access and search the database.

FoxBusiness reports that recently ING turned more negative on the staffing sector, saying it believes the worst is still to come, with the financial storm just coming into full effect. The broker told clients that given the immaturity of the sector, it sees the 2001-2003 downturn as the best proxy, but said it has no doubt that this downturn will be much deeper. It downgraded Randstad Holdings, Brunel International and Hays Group to hold from buy and cut its rating on USG People to sell from hold. It also reiterated its sell rating on Adecco and Michael Page.

In Depth
The Needs of the Global Economy Workforce. From
The global economy is brimming with new competitors and new challenges. As soon as we think we've mastered one aspect of doing business in this new environment, another, unexpected issue becomes an all-consuming priority, as we're seeing with the current economic crisis. Right now, the issues of gender, a high-performing workforce, the skills gap, demographics, and the growing confidence of emerging-market multinationals are all converging at a time of great uncertainty. This translates into increased opportunity for emerging markets-and increased pressure for established ones.

Indeed, the current financial crisis has underscored just how interconnected the global economy is. To achieve both long-term success and high performance, management must anticipate the motivations and concerns of every sector of tomorrow's workforce and plan accordingly. To better understand how prepared women and men feel to meet the coming challenges, Accenture conducted a major study, One Step Ahead of 2011: A New Horizon for Working Women. Interviews with 4,000 women and men in 17 countries at the end of 2007 produced a surprising conclusion: 68% of businesswomen in India, 63% in South Africa, 61% in China, and 52% in Brazil feel confident about their ability to succeed in a global business world. By contrast, only 46% of U.S. women-and men-feel that they're ready to compete in the larger international talent pool.

A Disparity in Professional Networking
Although Accenture's study found that women are developing the skills and the confidence to succeed in the global marketplace, there are several areas in which women are not achieving parity with their male counterparts. The study found that more men than women cite technical capabilities and fostering professional relationships as having helped their career advancement. More than one-quarter of all respondents said that men are more effective than women at building those professional networks. The Needs of the Global Economy Workforce - Read full article.

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