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The interbiznet Bugler
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October 27, 2008

Recruiting Search Technique
Moises Lopez is back with more Recruiting Search Techniques.

What recruiter doesn't dream about the perfect candidate?

You work long and hard at a difficult assignment for weeks, you do everything you set out to do, and you run out of fresh leads. Frustrated, you feel you have tried everything or that there's something you've been neglecting to do or you've simply followed every lead to no avail. There must be a solution out there that's more effective, right? (Read more)
Reveille & Hyperbole
Election Day is (finally) within reach. We highly recommend that employers have a clear and advertised policy clarifying time off for voting before November 4. Many States have specific laws regarding time off. If our business is in a State with no specific laws regarding time off for voting, make sure your policies do not violate employee access to voting granted through the Federal Voting Act of 1965. Workplace Fairness lists by State voting laws, as does

According to a recent survey by the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp), when it comes to showing first-time managers how to do their jobs, close to one-third of employers surveyed said they do not teach budgeting, time management, and project management. Twenty-six percent of employers surveyed also do not include any instruction on diversity awareness. According to the i4cp survey, employers teach - to a high or very high extent - rookie bosses about harassment (39%), coaching skills (40.9%), and performance management (47.6%).

Decision Toolbox has been selected by Cisco Systems as a premier vendor to provide specialized and inexpensive recruitment services for Cisco partners in conjunction with the launching of Cisco's Partner Talent Network.

Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC) and new partnership allows WERC to share information on available logistics jobs to its members and other users of its website from the niche job board. features a wide variety of news, guests and information about career advice and jobs. The station is sponsored exclusively by the job search engine SimplyHired. Each week new shows and real employment opportunity "jobcasts" from will be added to keep it fresh and timely.

OptiJob announced its namesake service providing search engine optimization (SEO) for job marketing and e-recruiting, delivering qualified candidates directly to company career Web sites.

Kelly Services, Inc. reports that revenue for the third quarter of 2008 totaled $1.4 billion, a 2-percent decrease compared to the corresponding quarter in 2007. Losses from operations for the third quarter of 2008 totaled $14.5 million, compared to $20.8 million earnings from operations reported for the third quarter of 2007.

Manpower Inc., Reported that earnings per diluted share for the three months ended September 30, 2008 were a loss of 55 cents compared to income of $1.57 in the prior year period. Revenues for the third quarter were $5.7 billion, an increase of 7 percent from the year earlier period.

Houston Chronicle reports that bosses urged to be candid about troubles. Human resources professionals recommend a boss be upfront with employees about what's going on with the company, let them know what the challenges are and what needs to be done about them. There are two important reasons for this approach. One, a lack of information breeds even more stress. Second, if employees know what the company needs to do to succeed, they can help make it happen. If a small business has to resort to layoffs or other cutbacks, it's best to do them at one time, if that's possible, said Dean Debnam, president of Workplace Options in Raleigh, N.C. "Don't dribble it out," he said. "Figure it out and do it all at once, and announce what the plan is - rather than torture everyone else who's staying with when the next shoe is going to drop." An owner can also help reduce stress in the office by giving out some positive feedback and saying "thank you" more often for workers' efforts. Employees are more likely to pitch in if they feel appreciated and validated.

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