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December 18, 2007
Business Week's 2007 Best Places to Launch a Career
Here are the first 10 of Business Week's 2007 Best Places to launch a career of a total of 53. interbiznet Newsletters
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Reveille and Hyperbole:
Free ZoomInfo White Paper: Guide to Working with Passive Candidates, by Shally Steckerl, Chief CyberSleuth and Founder, Jobmachine, Inc. Learn Shally Steckerl's tips on recruiting passive candidates.

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Comings and Goings:
Jobster's Jason Goldberg has stepped down as chief executive of the company he co-founded nearly four years ago, turning the reins of the online recruiting startup over to former investment banker Jeff Seely. The appointment of Seely comes just one month after he sold his previous company, Bellevue online stock brokerage Sharebuilder, to ING for $220 million.

Upcoming Event:
The Louisiana Technology Council's Signature Luncheon is an annual invitation to meet the nation's leading technology experts. This year it involves:

Jeff Taylor:
As the founder of, Taylor forever changed the way the world networks and builds careers. Recognized as an innovator and visionary in both Internet and careers industries, Taylor reinvented the way the world looks for employment. His "monster idea," conceived at the dawn of the World Wide Web, quickly became one of the first dot-com companies (454th registered domain on the Web) and has grown into the world's leading online career site. Today, the Monster global network consists of 22 local content and language sites in 20 countries and serves 20 million visitors monthly. Jeff Taylor has recently created a new venture at which caters to the 50+ market.

His New Orleans appearance will address the following:
    1) How the Internet has changed from 2002 to 2007;
    2) Unique ideas that can help small business and Entrepreneurs succeed;
    3) What Jeff did to separate himself from others in the same business;
    4) How online marketing is going to change in the next 5 years; the challenges and opportunities;
    5) How Jeff used Innovation to his competitive advantage;
    6) The Internet in 2012; What should businesses be prepared for and how will it effect them;
    7) The Real keys to Entrepreneurship and Innovation;
    8) What drove Jeff's success at
Call Adele Tiblier, 504.304.2910, for more information or email atiblier @

Survey Says:
Leaders Report on Key Workplace Issues in New Survey -- People and Feelings Beat Finance by 300 Percent A survey of 135 employees and leaders identifies the most critical challenges facing organizations today are 70 percent about people -- finding the right ones, getting them doing the right work and setting the right conditions for performance. Responses show increasing concern with employee and customer feelings and urgent need to become better at the "soft" side.

In a changing business climate, what are the key challenges to organizational success? According to a new international survey, it's almost entirely a question of leading people and managing feelings.

Six Seconds, The Emotional Intelligence Network, invited leaders to identify the key challenges in the workplace today -- and particularly the "people side" of the equation. The survey explores top issues as well as employee attitudes and the role of emotional intelligence in solving those key issues.

The 2007 Workplace Issues Report finds that this year ...
    * "Soft" issues such as finding and keeping talent are over 3 times as prevalent as "hard" issues such as finance.
    * Leaders are twice as concerned about leadership than all other issues combined.
    Emotional intelligence and feelings of team- and non-team-members are among the most important resources an organization has in addressing challenges and reaching goals. Almost 90 percent of respondents identify EQ as highly important or essential to meeting their organization's top challenges
Responses come from team leaders to executives in a broad range of industries and organizations ranging from under 20 to over 10,000 people. 135 responses were tabulated, primarily from North America but also from every other continent.

Six Seconds is an international not-for-profit that supports the development of emotional intelligence. It is the first and largest organization dedicated to EQ. Through the Six Seconds Consulting Group the organization brings the world's top EQ experts to works with Fortune 500 companies such as FedEx and Lockheed Martin; these projects allow Six Seconds to serve community organizations and schools, developing the key human skills to ensure future generations thrive.

The full The 2007 Workplace Issues Report is available online at

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Deep Release:
Search Engines in the Year 2010

Enquiro releases a 60 minute presentation featuring a panel discussion with seven leading search engine experts.

An all-star panel of search engine and web user experience experts - including leading representatives from the search engines Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask - has come together in one 60 minute event to share their visions of the future of search. They took questions from an audience and revealed their perspectives on such topics as search advertising, media-rich search results, user intent and social networks.

Panelists explain the directions their search engine innovation has recently taken, and where they may be headed. Moderator Gord Hotchkiss also shows results from Enquiro's eye tracking testing with Google, Yahoo, MSN's Live Search, and Ask. Images show, for example, how - due to changes on behalf of the engines - user scanning behavior has changed since the discovery of Google's Golden Triangle (top left corner) three years ago.

The current high pace of innovation in the search engines begs the question: what do the next three years hold for Google, Yahoo and others? Enquiro has also published a white paper titled Search Engine Results 2010 which examines trends such as the personalization of search results. Personalized results aim to better interpret the user's intent and can be based on factors such as site click-through rate and stickiness, search history, bookmarks, and community behavior. The paper also looks at "Universal Search" which blends search results with news items, video and images.

The recorded event is now available on demand at

Marissa Mayer - VP, Search Products and User Experience, Google
Larry Cornett - VP, Search Experience, Yahoo
Justin Osmer - Senior Product Manager, Live Search, Microsoft
Daniel Read - Senior VP of Site Product Management and User Experience, ASK
Jakob Nielsen - User Advocate and Principal of Nielsen Norman Group
Chris Sherman - Executive Editor, Search Engine Land
Greg Sterling - Founding Principal, Sterling Market Intelligence
Gord Hotchkiss - President, Enquiro

About Enquiro Search Solutions, Inc.
One of North America's leading search marketing firms, Enquiro helps clients maximize their online presence through balanced marketing solutions. Its strategies are based on industry research and expertise in usability, and natural and sponsored search. Enquiro has also authored eye tracking studies which have given marketers a greater understanding of user interaction with the major search engines and defined "Google's Golden Triangle."

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Ten Principles for Recruiting An Integenerational Workforce from John Sumser.

White Papers and So On: offers seven whitepapers at

Lean Staffing Institute on Referrals from The Empower Network.

ATS Sourcing Whitepaper written by Jake Firth of

Staffing Strategies: Can You Find, Recruit, and Retain the Talent You Need?
Authoria's complimentary white paper

Multigenerational Recruiting Slide Presentation done at OnRec by John and Bridget Sumser.

Virtual Edge offers 7 "Must Haves" of Next Generation Power Recruiting Technology and many other White Papers.

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Talent is what matters most.
Hire the best with Authoria Recruiting.

Authoria Recruiting 2007 is a next-generation recruiting solution that helps you:

  • Understand exactly what talent your managers need.
  • Find the best sources.
  • Target and attract the highest quality candidates.
  • Hire top talent and track their success.
The most widely-used enterprise recruiting solution on the market, Authoria Recruiting helps our customers manage private talent pools totaling over 11 million candidates.

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