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The interbiznet Bugler
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October 11, 2007

Relationships Take Time II
Job postings don't work very well in certain markets. For instance, seasoned working investment brokers with formal certification simply don't cruise the job boards.

In New York metro, there's a real shortage of mid-level executives. The supply of college graduates is  less than adequate to replace the attrition losses. (I want to underline that last statement...while the population does, in fact, continue to grow, the output of colleges and universities is falling short of demand. The scene in NYC is foreshadowing hard labor supply problems in the areas inhabited by middle class and upper middle class workers.)   (More.)

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Reveille and Hyperbole:, a premier provider of applicant tracking and hiring management systems, announced SigCAP™, a digital signature capture tool for nowHIRE's applicant tracking system (ATS). SigCAP, a physical signature pad, offers a completely paperless and legally defensible electronic signature process for all pre- and post-hire documentation, which is imaged and then vaulted by storing on secured servers.

HR XCEL enjoyed a 30% annual growth rate and the firm is announcing another product innovation -– 24/7 access to a Web-based "dashboard" view of HR XCEL's service delivery.

HRsmart, Inc, a provider of integrated talent management technology solutions, announces the launch of its talent management application suite, comprised of 10 applications including applicant tracking, employee performance management, career development and succession planning, and learning management.

The new 2008 list of Canada's Top 100 Employers has been released in the midst of the tightest labour market in a generation and record competition among employers for a place on the list. Now in its 8th year, the annual competition recognizes employers that are industry leaders at attracting and retaining employees. The competition is organized by Mediacorp Canada Inc., Canada's largest publisher of employment guides and job-hunting periodicals.

Comings and Goings:
TalentSecure LLC announced the addition of new executive positions. Michael A. Norris has joined the company as the Chief Executive Officer, and R. Michael Franz has assumed the position of Chairman. With more than 45 years combined executive management experience with start-ups and global enterprises, these seasoned senior executives with exceptional sales and marketing backgrounds will launch TalentSecure's Talent Acquisition and Talent Management software through its rapid expansion plans.

Upcoming Events:
In response to the tightening labor market, steady employee turnover rate and 39% percent of employees are either Somewhat Engaged or Disengaged, the Center for Talent Retention, the leading experts on taking action to engage and retain employees, is delivering a series of "Take Action to Engage and Retain Employees" public workshops.

The 2007 workshops will be offered in Houston, TX on November 7, 2007
Minneapolis, MN on December 4, 2007
Chicago, IL on December 6, 2007
The schedule for 2008 is to be announced.

Since so many organizations are struggling to understand employee engagement and take action to retain their employees, there is special pricing: Buy 2 participants and the 3rd participant from the same organization attends for free.

To learn more about or to register for one of the workshops, email the Center for Talent Retention at workshops(at) or call the Center for Talent Retention at 800-861-6965.

Survey Says:
Improve Employee Engagement by Mapping and Supporting Better Quality Leader-Employee Conversations

Career Innovation, a workplace ‘innovation' lab, launches its enhanced "Mapping Your Conversations about Work Survey" based on its previous ground-breaking research, 'The Conversation Gap'.

Career Innovation, a workplace ‘innovation' lab, launches its enhanced "Mapping Your Conversations about Work Survey" based on its previous ground-breaking research, 'The Conversation Gap'.

The success of a business can be predicted by studying the conversations people have at work, according to research by global human resources experts Career Innovation (Ci). Jonathan Winter, Ci director, explains: "You can tell a thriving business by the tense of the conversations taking place – companies whose conversations focus on the future will be the more successful."

What is the Conversation Gap?

Ci's "Mapping Your Conversations about Work Survey", originally conducted in 2004, found that employees who have conversations with their managers about issues relating to their futures, are more engaged and perform better at work.

However, management conversations tend to be too backward looking – Ci has called this "The Conversation Gap" and says it continues to cause widespread lack of engagement amongst workforces, with the brightest employees more likely to quit their jobs.

According to Ci's original research, The Conversation Gap means:

  • Two out of five workers feel unable to talk to their managers about important future issues,
  • Employees who are dissatisfied with the quality of their conversations are three times more likely to be planning to leave their organisation within the next 12 months,
  • compared to those who are satisfied with the quality of their conversations,
  • Lack of trust is the key issue that prevents employees talking to their
  • managers,
  • Busy work schedules are also squeezing out opportunities for quality conversations,
  • Leaders lack the skills and confidence to have future-focused conversations.
The Conversation Gap has emerged from work undertaken by Ci with some of the world's leading blue-chip organisations to map the conversations that take place between workers and their colleagues, friends, families and, crucially, their managers. Winter continues: "The Conversation Gap research was the first time the conversations that drive a successful organisation have been identified and measured.

We have discovered that it is not just about the number of conversations that take place, but also the quality of those conversations and the trust workers have in their managers to talk about all the issues that are important to them. In the most successful companies, The Conversation Gap will be less. Over the last 3 years we have continued to gather evidence to support our research".

What makes for an inspiring conversation?

Ci says that although top companies have become skilled at communicating with employees about their current performance and competencies, many workers feel employers fall down when it comes to discussing their future development. Employees want opportunities to talk about their future development, where the business is heading and how they can manage their career. They want managers to take the time to listen and explore possibilities not just direct them in a particular direction or avoid the subject altogether. Impactful conversations are those where there is honesty and openness.

Bridging the Conversation Gap

With the help of Ci a number of leading companies are re-thinking the way they manage and nurture their employees, encouraging managers to become more like coaches and improving the quality of their leader-employee conversations.

Ci has introduced new tools such as the Engaging Conversations(TM) tool which is being used by leaders to help them improve and monitor their performance in having better quality conversations with their teams. The Career Innovation Zone (online career tools) is being used by employees to help them prepare for conversations they want to have with their manager.

One of Ci's clients is now repeating the Mapping Your Conversations about Work Survey they originally conducted two years ago, to assess the extent to which they have closed their conversation gap. Everyone is aware of survey fatigue so this time the survey will include Ci's enhanced survey design which includes a unique interactive component that provides respondents with personal development suggestions based on their individual responses.

For more information about the Conversation Gap, to order a report, download a copy of the mini-report or get a free Conversation Gap tool, visit:

More information about Ci is available at:

About The Conversation Gap The Conversation Gap is based on research carried out amongst 790 employees by Career Innovation as part of its global Inspiring Performance programme.

About Career Innovation Career Innovation (Ci) is a workplace ‘innovation' lab, funded by some of the world's best known employers. Our goal is to help build the most inspiring, purposeful and high-performing places to work. We help senior line and HR leaders prepare for the future by creating an agile workforce strategy. Our approach uses a powerful mix of fresh research insights, collaborative innovation events and high-impact online career tools. Guide to Top Specialty Boards Guide to Top Specialty Boards
Where Top Candidates Seek Career Opportunites
Accounting / Finance
Accounting / Finance
Call Center
Drivers / Trucking
Employee Benefits
Enviro/Occup. Health & Safety
Health / Medical
Hispanic / Bilingual
Hotels / Hospitality
Security Clearance
Tax Specialists
Telecom / Wireless
For more Specialty Boards, visit:
Employer's Corner on

Material from John and Bridget Sumser, Rethinking The Workforce is available for download.

Ten Principles for Recruiting An Integenerational Workforce from John Sumser.

White Papers and So On: offers seven whitepapers at

Lean Staffing Institute on Referrals from The Empower Network.

ATS Sourcing Whitepaper written by Jake Firth of

Staffing Strategies: Can You Find, Recruit, and Retain the Talent You Need?
Authoria's complimentary white paper

Multigenerational Recruiting Slide Presentation done at OnRec by John and Bridget Sumser.

Virtual Edge offers 7 "Must Haves" of Next Generation Power Recruiting Technology and many other White Papers.

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