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John Sumser presents the interbiznet Bugler
interbiznet presents The Bugler
May 1, 2007

Traffic: Attraction or Promotion
Let's talk traffic. The difference between "you find us" and "we find you" traffic is the difference between attraction and promotion.    Read More

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Reveille and Hyperbole:
Labor Ready, Inc. (NYSE:LRW) completed the acquisition of Skilled Services Corporation ("SSC"). Founded in 1993, SSC is a skilled construction trades staffing provider with 21 locations in Florida, Texas, Arizona, California, Colorado, and North Carolina.

AAJ Technologies expands IT Consulting Service offering to include Technical Staffing Division.

Spherion Corporation, a recruiting, staffing and workforce solutions provider, announced that it has acquired Resulte Universal, a specialty technology and accounting and finance staffing services firm based in Dallas, Texas.

The Mahone Group, Inc. announced that it has opened an office in Alpharetta to expand its staffing and recruiting services for clients throughout metro Atlanta as a result of Mahone's continued success and growth of its business and healthcare divisions., a unit of Monster, the leading global online careers and recruitment resource has launched a new Veteran Transition Center to support the more than 250,000 people who will transition out of the military in the months to come as well as those who have left in recent years. The center, like all resources, is free.

Deck Chairs:
Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO), the licensing body for professional engineers in the province, installed Walter K. Bilanski, Ph.D., P.Eng., as its 88th President during its annual general meeting. Dr. Bilanski succeeds Patrick J. Quinn, P.Eng. and will lead PEO's 70,000 members and interns and chair its Council in 2007-2008 … AAJ Technologies names Eric Yost to lead new Strategic Staffing Division …

You Should Know:
Alcatel-Lucent and NEC Corporation (NEC) will jointly deploy the Asia America Gateway (AAG), the first direct Terabit submarine cable network between Southeast Asia and the United States. Spanning over 20,000 km, AAG will link Malaysia to the U.S. via Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Guam, Hawaii and the West coast of the U.S. Worth approximately USD 500 million, the contract will deliver a cable network spanning almost half the length of the equator.

The turnkey contract was signed with a consortium formed by 10 parties including the Government of Brunei, AT&T (USA), Bharti (India), CAT (Thailand), PLDT (Philippines), PT Telkom (Indonesia), Telekom Malaysia (Malaysia), Telstra (Australia), StarHub (Singapore) and VNPT (Vietnam). Alcatel-Lucent and NEC will design, manufacture, install, integrate and commission the full network on a turnkey basis. The Project is scheduled to be completed by late 2008. ( V2)

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Deep Release:
Employers To Hire 20 Percent More Graduates in 2006-7 Than In 2005-6

Rising salary offers to new graduates and a 20 percent increase in hiring projections for 2006-7 should give the class of 2007 something to celebrate beyond commencement.

According to a recent poll of colleges and universities conducted by National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), employers have revised their earlier hiring projections up from 17.4 percent to 19.2 percent, meaning that employers plan to hire nearly 20 percent more new college graduates in 2006-7 than they did in 2005-6.

In addition, starting salary offers to new college graduates continue to rise. The spring 2007 issue of NACE's Salary Survey shows that, at the bachelor's degree level, nearly all of the majors that reported a change in their average starting salary offer reported increases.

Several factors indicate a booming job market. Business growth and expansion, as well as increased emphasis on college hiring all contribute to the rosy job outlook.

According to NACE's survey, starting salary offers to graduates increased across the board, with the highest percent increase in marketing which rose 10.3 percent to $41,285.

The smallest increase went to liberal arts graduates whose average offer as a group rose 1.2 percent to $31,333.

NACE's survey reports that the top paying jobs by average starting salaries in 2007 are:
    -Chemical engineering ($60, 054)
    -Computer engineering ($55,936)
    -Industrial/manufacturing engineering ($54,769)
    -Electrical/electronics and communications
    -engineering ($54,599)
    -Mechanical engineering ($54,587)
    -Computer science ($51, 070)
    -Finance ($47,905)
    -Civil engineering ($47,145)
    -Management information systems/business data processing ($46,568)
    -Accounting ($46,508)
Utah graduates can expect a similar trend. The Department of Workforce Services (DWS) notes that the state's economy has been on fire with growth rates about three times the national average. This, combined with a slowly shrinking labor pool, has left employers scrambling to find workers for openings at all levels, particularly for jobs requiring higher skills and education.

Stan Inman, director of Career Services at the University of Utah, notes the same pattern holds true at the University. Inman says that of those graduates surveyed, 51 percent report they have already accepted, or will carry on with their current employment. Seventeen percent will continue their education. "One interesting figure is that of those reporting employment, 85 percent are 'in-state.'"
If the national job outlook is good, then Utah's is excellent. With an unemployment rate 2 percent lower than the national average (2.4 percent, compared to 4.4 percent), the class of 2007 is facing what the DWS calls a "seller's market," where the seller is the perspective employee, the graduate ready to start his or her career.

"We have experienced four consecutive years of increased demand for college graduates, with some employers reporting a 15 to 25 percent increase in hiring projections," says Sam Morrison, employer outreach coordinator at U of U Career Services. "Nursing, civil engineering and construction management are in high demand and low supply. Demand for all engineers and technically trained graduates is strong. Beginning salaries reflect the need for new college graduates with projected increases in starting salaries of 4.5 to 5.5 percent."

Will the demand continue? The DWS projects the following jobs to experience the greatest increase in numbers from 2004 to 2014:
    -General and operations managers (4,950)
    -Elementary school teachers (4,030)
    -Accountants and auditors (3,420)
    -Computer software engineers/systems software (2,860)
    -Computer software engineers/applications (2,290)
    -Computer systems analysts (2,240)
    -Secondary school teachers (2,170)
    -Construction managers (1,830)
    -Lawyers (1,780)
    -Financial managers (1,760)
Inman says employers report that the most effective way they find potential employees is through on-campus recruiting and internship programs. "Employers are looking for graduates who have had real-world experience before graduation," he says.

"Education and a college degree is still the best investment you can make," says Inman. "For each year of post-high school education, students can expect a 15 to 20 percent increase in compensation, which calculated over a lifetime is extremely significant. In fact, the ten highest paying occupations in Utah all require a degree."

The U's Career Services Library, which contains information on a wide variety of topics, including career/major research, job search strategies and employment trends, is open to students, faculty and staff as well as the general public. U graduates may use these resources indefinitely, although after two years they are charged a nominal fee for any alumni career counseling. For more information on career trends and opportunities for college graduates, visit the University of Utah's Career Library, 350 Student Services Building, open weekdays from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., call 801-581-6186 or visit

Coming Soon:
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