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John Sumser presents the interbiznet Bugler
interbiznet presents The Bugler
April 20, 2007
Communal Mayhem (SOAB)
Have you noticed what's going on over at It looks like most neighborhoods do after the gang has taken over and destroyed property values. It happened quickly. Civility and well kept homes have been replaced with venom, snakes and flying bullets.

We got Snakes On A Blog (SOAB).    Read More Click On Our Sponsors

Reveille and Hyperbole:
TimeLink, a leading provider of enterprise workforce management (EWM) and data collection solutions, announced its alliance with Cognos, the world leader in business intelligence and performance management solutions. As part of this alliance, TimeLink will incorporate Cognos, the world's leading OLAP (online analytical processing) software, in its core application suite.

Blogging Systems Group, the leading provider of blogs to the real estate industry, augments offerings to leverage its blog technology and help employers reach and hire hard-to-find talent via its new service, Career Connection.

WorkGiant, a national performance-based recruiting employment website and career center portal, announces strategic partnerships with numerous career industry associations and service providers. Among the career industry experts are ProfilingPro, Career Director's International (CDI), Career Master's Institute (CMI), Certified Career Coaches, and Certified Resume Writers.

Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC), the world's leading provider of enterprise software evaluation tools, is pleased to announce its new strategic partnership with BPT Partners LLC (BPT) a leading provider of CRM research and education.

Upcoming Event:
SiriusDecisions, the world's leading source for business-to-business sales and marketing operational intelligence, announced that top executives from Autodesk, Dow Jones, EMC, Edelman, and will present best practices on integrating sales and marketing at its Summit 2007. The Summit, whose theme is "Return on Integration," will be held May 16-18 at the Loews Lake Las Vegas Resort, Henderson, Nev. Findings from SiriusDecisions' research on best practices in demand creation, marketing ROI and sales and marketing productivity will be released.

Deep Release:
BeeTooBee Brings Consumer Pioneered User-Generated Content Model to The Enterprise

First Website dedicated to community-driven, aggregated B2B marketing thought leadership.

BeeTooBee has launched as the first online publication based solely on aggregated, user-generated content for B2B marketers. BeeTooBee is an experiment in attempting to translate popular consumer based community platforms such as Digg and YouTube to businesses.

"In their role as consumers, many knowledge workers are submitting and viewing content from sites driven by the community they serve. To go from consumer content to content with a business focus using the same model seems like a natural evolution. I tried to find other community-driven sites for B2B marketers but I couldn't, that is why I started BeeTooBee," said Brian King, publisher.

Visitors to can submit any marketing related content from articles and whitepapers, to podcasts and webinars. They can vote on content they find useful, with the most popular stories making it to the front page.

BeeTooBee is free to use, and unlike many user-generated content sites, registration is not required to submit content and vote. If successful, BeeTooBee will expand the concept to other key functional areas of the enterprise, including HR, IT, finance and engineering.

"Significant shifts are taking place in way online content is being created and consumed," continued King. "Marketing dollars and strategies are following these shifts from traditional to online channels. To keep pace, corporate marketers need to rethink their strategies and tactics. You can't do that alone, or by guesswork. My hope is that BeeTooBee will become a daily resource where B2B marketers can come together to solve problems and gain exposure to new ideas that will help drive success in their careers."

BeeTooBee will support all forms of content. Thought leadership is not confined to text articles anymore. Now there are videos, webinars, whitepapers, eBooks, wikis, RSS feeds, bookmark collections and podcasts. If the content is good, in whatever format, static or dynamic, BeeTooBee will feature it.


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World Class Marketing Consultant Offers
Free Evaluation of Your Potential for Big Gains

In a free phone session, Ron Richards, President of ResultsLab, will hear your goals then give you a free whirlwind analysis of your site or ads.

Richards named his firm ResultsLab because he has a track record of causing big results and because he uses a continuous improvement testing methodology. Some of his most unique approaches are…

Radical truth and honesty - He builds your positioning, tag line, headlines and other grabbers by discovering a deep truth about you that resets the standard and disqualifies competitors.

But what if your advantages over competitors aren't compelling to prospects - and indeed aren't different enough as a basis for powerful positioning? In that case, Ron recommends changes in your offering, or even your infrastructure, that make a powerful positioning you develop with him become true - one that disqualifies your competitors.

As needed he develops names, tag lines, grabbers, arguments that devastate qualms, and results-multiplying calls to action. He applies these to your site, ads, and emailings.

ResultsLab's approach is different from any other agency or consultant. Read how here.

Call Ron for your free session where he'll listen closely to your goals, flag what's improvable and to what extent, and say some of the specific improvements he envisions.

Call 415-563-5300, or email

Emetrics Summit: The Big Picture
San Francisco, May 6-9, 2007

Learn how to Optimize the Value of Your Online Marketing      
  • Keynote 1: Website Measurement Ecosystem with Jim Sterne
  • Keynote 2: Optimizing Customer Information with Seth Romanow
  • Keynote 3: How do You Measure Success? with Lissa Gatz

  • Meet the industry gurus:      
  • Bryan Eisenberg, Avinash Kaushik, Eric Peterson, Jim Sterne
  • Discover the basics in WAA Workshops

  • Compare insights with industry leaders, consultants, and peers

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    Glasgow – Tuesday, 26th June
    Manchester – Thursday, 8th November
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    ERE Expo 2007 Spring
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    Kennedy Information's Recruiting 2007 Conference and Expo
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    Where Top Recruiters Master Strategies for Success!
    May 9th and 10th
    More Info
    EMA Chicago
    May 15, 2007
    Staffing Symposium:
    "Facing Changing Workforce "
    More Info
    The Onrec 2007 Conference & Exhibition
    June 5,2007
    Cost to attend is £395 plus VAT
    Please email or telephone 0870 766 8530
    More Info
    59th SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition
    June 24 - 27, 2007
    Las Vegas Convention Center
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    More Info's
    Employers of Excellence National Conference 2007
    October 22 - 24, 2007
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    877-472-6648 or email us at
    More Info

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