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John Sumser presents the interbiznet Bugler
interbiznet presents The Bugler
March 28, 2007
Twitter Part 11
Today's article is the second in a series from Jules Gude, CEO of exceler8. According to Jules, "exceler8 develops social media marketing strategies for companies that connect people, ideas, and commerce.  We also participate in our communities by collaborating on projects, participating in online conversations, and publishing blogs like  Our collaborative open source business practices lead to innovation."

How/why I started using twitter
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New from John Sumser: A new presentation hot off the presses from John Sumser, Recruiting Is A Conversation available for download.

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Reveille and Hyperbole:
Adicio, the Internet's leading developer of web-based classified advertising solutions, has formed a partnership with, the world's leading $100,000+ jobs website, to bring senior-level jobs to Adicio's 250+ newspaper, magazine, trade association and broadcast media client sites. Integrating traditional online job listings with Web 2.0 paid search, Adicio clients can post jobs from, get paid for each listing and earn additional revenue whenever a candidate clicks on a job and registers with

NewChinaCareer, has launched as the first entirely English job board covering mainland China, Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region Currently it has 11,888 jobs listed, from 141 companies.

NaviSite, Inc. (NASDAQ: NAVI), a leading provider of application management, professional services, and secure content delivery solutions, announced today that the Company has launched as a successor to America's Job Bank (AJB). America's Job Exchange will provide National Labor Exchange services to employers, job hunters and organizations without any interruption when AJB ends in July 2007. The launch of America's Job Exchange marks the beginning of this transition, and the Company is committed to providing unmatched employment assistance through this new portal. Please Click On Our Sponsors

Deck Chairs:
Lincoln Financial Network, the retail distribution division of Lincoln Financial Group, announced that Dee Morgan and David Taksen have joined the firm's financial planner/advisor recruiting group. … 2 …

Couldn't Pass It Up:
SoWeSay, a company created by two Yahoo alumni, launched the first symbiotic social networking site ( that allows users the freedom to create profiles, rate and review anyone they know or encounter online and offline. SoWeSay also gives users a powerful social networking tool "SayWhat?" to gain candid feedback from anyone. SoWeSay is the fun destination to find, share and learn about new individuals directly from the people who know them best.

You Should Know:
A new report by The Corporate Library shows that instead of waiting until CEOs retire or are fired to find out what their non-qualified deferred compensation (NQDC) plan accounts hold, shareholders are now being provided with this information every year, thanks to the new SEC disclosure regulations.

Survey Says...
More Than Half of U.S. Adult Workers Think America is Unprepared to Compete in Global Economy and Traditional Retirement No Longer Exists
Adecco Survey Uncovers What U.S. Workers Think About Education and Training

56% of U.S. adult workers believe America is unprepared to compete in a global economy according to a new Workplace Insights survey commissioned by Adecco (NYSE:ADO), the world leader in workforce solutions. Further, three-quarters of employed adults (76%) agree that today's U.S. employers do not invest enough in training and development to keep the U.S. workforce competitive with those in other countries.

With the presidential campaign trail to campuses across the country underway and discussions around increased competition for talent from emerging markets such as China and India heightening, education and training is top of mind for many adults. Although much has been said about the need to strengthen education and training from academics, politicians and economists, we have not yet heard from the U.S. workforce on this issue until now.

Other findings from the survey include:
  • Nearly two-thirds of employed adults (64%) agree that the U.S. educational system is not providing workers with the necessary skills to be prepared for the jobs of the future
  • 9 in 10 employed adults (92%) agree that strengthening the education system should be a top priority for the U.S. in the next decade

  • Older adults (ages 55+) are significantly more likely than younger adults (ages 18-34) to agree that America is not prepared to compete in a global economy (59% vs. 48% respectively)
  • "What this survey reveals is that a majority of workers have a negative perception of how we're being educated and trained in America," says Bernadette Kenny, Chief Career Officer for Adecco USA. "However, according to the Bersin & Associates' 2007 Corporate Learning Fact Book, total training spending grew from $51.1B in 2005 to $55.8B in 2006. This tells me that overall corporations are investing in training their people, but are not communicating effectively to them just how much and how important it is to their organization."

What companies can do:
Issue a training and development report each year to all employees that outlines what training is scheduled to take place, how it will impact the organization, and how the company envisions improving employees' performance If possible, let your employee base know how much your company is investing in training and development and communicate how critical your company views its programs to the success and the growth of the company Celebrate successful training programs by showcasing examples of how people have implemented what they've learned into their work and also be candid about programs that weren't as effective and involve employees in making them better "At Adecco, we believe that your career is your greatest investment and that your education and training should not only be supported by your employer, but also by yourself for yourself," continued Kenny. "We encourage people to spend just as much time and energy on their career health as they do their financial and physical health. One's own career management is too often overlooked."

Invest in your own career and training too by:
Dedicating some time to focus on your own career development. Assess how much time you spend each month on your career development. Is it 3 hours? 5 hours? None? Try to come up with a realistic number of hours you will commit to investing in your own career development or training by reading books related to your job, participating in professional organizations, taking a course, etc. Creating/updating your career map. A career map can help you determine where you would like to take your career, whether it's your next promotion or to help achieve your dream job. You should spend time at least once a year to assess where you are in your career, evaluate where you would like to go and outline some key steps to enable you to achieve your goals. Then, check in with your career map every few months or so to see how you're doing. Identifying something to do better every week. Each week, pick something related to your career that you can do better. It can be as simple as getting to the office a half hour earlier or as involved as improving morale on your team. With about 52 weeks in a year, you can really invest in improving your career performance by making this a ritual. "Education and training is critically important to the success of our nation, as well as corporations and the workers who make them run," says Kenny. "If we all invest a little more effort each day, each week, each year, America can continue to be at the forefront of innovation and growth in the global economy."

Survey Methodology:
This survey was conducted online by Harris Interactive on behalf of Adecco NA between February 12 and February 14, 2007 among 3,434 U.S. adults 18 years of age or older. Figures for region, age within gender, education, household income and race/ethnicity were weighted where necessary to bring them into line with their actual proportions in the population. Propensity score weighting was also used to adjust for respondents' propensity to be online.

With a pure probability sample of 3,434, one could say with a ninety-five percent probability that the overall results have a sampling error of +/- 3 percentage points. The sampling error for the sub-sample of employed adults (n= 2,321) is +/- 3 percentages points. However that does not take other sources of error into account. This online survey is not based on a probability sample and therefore no theoretical sampling error can be calculated.

Adecco S.A. is a Global Fortune 500 company and the world leader in workforce solutions. The Adecco Group network connects over 700,000 associates with business clients each day through its network of over 33,000 employees and 6,600 offices in over 70 countries and territories around the world. Registered in Switzerland, and managed by a multinational team with expertise in markets spanning the globe, the Adecco Group delivers an unparalleled range of flexible staffing and career resources to corporate clients and qualified associates.

Adecco is the workforce solutions leader in the United States and Canada, with a comprehensive service offering that includes temporary and contract staffing, permanent recruitment, outplacement and career services, training and consulting.

Adecco operates the following specialty divisions in the U.S. and around the world: Adecco Office; Adecco Industrial; Adecco Engineering & Technical; Adecco Human Capital Solutions; Adecco Finance; Adecco Legal; Adecco Information Technology; Adecco Medical & Science; and Adecco Government Solutions.

Adecco S.A. is registered in Switzerland (ISIN: CH001213860) and listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange with trading on virt-x (SWX/VIRT-X: ADEN), the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: ADO) and Euronext Paris - Premier Marché (EURONEXT: ADE).

Additional information is available at the company's website at

Harris Interactive is the 12th largest and fastest-growing market research firm in the world. The company provides innovative research, insights and strategic advice to help its clients make more confident decisions which lead to measurable and enduring improvements in performance. Harris Interactive is widely known for The Harris Poll, one of the longest running, independent opinion polls and for pioneering online market research methods. The company has built what it believes to be the world's largest panel of survey respondents, the Harris Poll Online. Harris Interactive serves clients worldwide through its United States, Europe and Asia offices, its wholly-owned subsidiary Novatris in France and through a global network of independent market research firms. The service bureau, HISB, provides its market research industry clients with mixed-mode data collection, panel development services as well as syndicated and tracking research consultation. More information about Harris Interactive may be obtained at

To become a member of the Harris Poll Online and be invited to participate in online surveys, register at

Deep Release:
War for Talent Escalates, According to DDI/Monster Study

Organizations Report Increased Competition for Fewer Qualified Candidate; Highlight Need to "Sell" to Seekers

Today's job market is increasingly in the hands of the candidate, according to a study released today by Development Dimensions International (DDI), a global human resources consulting firm and Monster(R), the leading global online careers and recruitment resource and flagship brand of Monster Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: MNST). The study, titled "Slugging Through the War for Talent: Selection Forecast 2006-2007," reveals that 73 percent of staffing directors report competition for talent has increased since 2005, while 79 percent expect it to further intensify in 2007. "Candidates are in a very powerful position--organizations need to think about hiring as a competitive practice if they want to attract the best people," said Scott Erker, senior vice president of DDI's Selection Solutions. "Right now, there is a significant gap between what candidates want and what employers think they want. That's dangerous for organizations, because many don't understand the motivations of the candidate sitting right in front of them."

This is DDI's third study of hiring and recruiting practice since 1999, providing perspective on the changing shape of the hiring market over the last eight years. The report, which reflects responses from staffing directors, hiring managers and job seekers across five global regions, examines recruitment, selection and retention practices and reveals that a tightening labor market has subsequently led to a power shift toward job seekers. In order to lure top talent in this increasingly competitive environment, the findings suggest that employers must identify, understand and respond to job seekers' motivations and desires. The study also outlines the tactics and strategies organizations can implement to improve their hiring systems and better meet job seekers' needs.

"The recruiting industry has acknowledged for several years that retiring Baby Boomers, coupled with a tightening labor market, would eventually bring about an acute labor shortage. However, the survey findings indicate that this eventuality is already upon us," said Neal Bruce, vice president of alliances, Monster. "As a result, HR professionals will need to act more like their marketing colleagues, focusing more on the wants and needs of job seekers and effectively 'selling' their positions and organizations in order to attract and retain top talent."

More than half of the staffing directors surveyed said they are finding fewer qualified professional candidates compared to two years ago. By incorporating marketing elements, such as branding, sales and retention tactics, into recruitment campaigns, employers can increase the likelihood of reaching and connecting with the target market - qualified candidates.

Select Survey Highlights
    -- It's a buyer's market. More than half of hiring managers feel they must "sell" jobs to candidates, demonstrating that employers are feeling the effects of the tightening labor market.
    -- There is a gap between employer perceptions and candidate realities. Seventy-four percent of job seekers believe it is important to work for an organization they can be proud of, while only 55 percent of staffing directors consider it an important issue for candidates. In addition, job seekers cite insufficient compensation as their top reason for leaving a position. Yet, both hiring managers and staffing directors rank this factor third, instead citing external factors as the top reason for turnover.
    -- Turnover is rapid. Nearly one-third of candidates had been in their current job less than six months, yet they were already on the market for a new position.
    -- Interviews can be dealmakers or deal breakers. Two-thirds of job candidates surveyed said that the interviewer moderately or significantly influences their decision to take a job or not.
Other Topics Within the Survey
    -- Impact of using assessments during the hiring process
    -- The importance of the job interview process for seekers and employers
    -- Job seekers' expectations regarding response to their application
The "Selection Forecast 2006-2007" executive summary is currently available online from DDI and the Monster Intelligence web site,

This report presents the results of a global study conducted in 2006 by DDI and Monster Intelligence, of over 3,600 job seekers, 1,250 hiring managers and 620 staffing directors in five global regions, including U.S./Canada, Europe, Latin America, Asia and Australia/New Zealand.

About DDI Founded in 1970, Development Dimensions International, a global human resources consulting firm, helps organizations close the gap between today's talent capability and future talent needs. DDI's expertise includes designing and implementing selection systems, and identifying and developing front-line to executive leadership talent. With more than 1,000 associates in 75 offices in 26 countries and headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA, the firm advises half of the Fortune 500. For more information visit,

About Monster Worldwide
Monster Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: MNST) parent company of Monster(R), the premier global online employment solution for more than a decade, strives to bring people together to advance their lives. With a local presence in key markets in North America, Europe, and Asia, Monster works for everyone by connecting employers with quality job seekers at all levels and by providing personalized career advice to consumers globally. Through online media sites and services, Monster delivers vast, highly targeted audiences to advertisers. Monster Worldwide is a member of the S&P 500 Index and the NASDAQ 100. To learn more about Monster's industry-leading products and services, visit More information about Monster Worldwide is available at

Special Note: Safe Harbor Statement Under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: Except for historical information contained herein, the statements made in this release constitute forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Such forward-looking statements involve certain risks and uncertainties, including statements regarding Monster Worldwide, Inc.'s strategic direction, prospects and future results. Certain factors, including factors outside of Monster Worldwide's control, may cause actual results to differ materially from those contained in the forward- looking statements, including economic and other conditions in the markets in which Monster Worldwide operates, risks associated with acquisitions, competition, seasonality and the other risks discussed in Monster Worldwide's Form 10-K and other filings made with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

DDI Jennifer Pesci-Kelly, 412-257-3862 Jennifer.Pesci @

Monster Steve Sylven, 978-461-8503 Steve.Sylven @

Weber Shandwick (For Monster) Lauren McDonald, 617-520-7116 lmcdonald @ Guide to Top Specialty Boards
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