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John Sumser presents the interbiznet Bugler
interbiznet presents The Bugler
March 27, 2007
Twitter Part 1
Today's Electronic Recruiting News article is the first in a series from Jules Gude, CEO of exceler8. According to Jules, "exceler8 develops social media marketing strategies for companies that connect people, ideas, and commerce.  We also participate in our communities by collaborating on projects, participating in online conversations, and publishing blogs like  Our collaborative open source business practices lead to innovation."

Dear Animal,

I saw your post about Twitter. I felt some solidarity with your less than stellar review of Twitter – a view I shared initially – until I had a chance to use Twitter for a while. (Read More)

New from John Sumser: A new presentation hot off the presses from John Sumser, Recruiting Is A Conversation available for download.

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Reveille and Hyperbole:
Career Partners International (CPI), a global human resources consulting firm, is proud to announce the addition of CAC Management Consultants International to their list of global partners.

Robert Half International (RHI) and announced a strategic partnership in which RHI will provide job listings and career management content on, the Web's leading career destination for people aged 50+.

Whom do HR buyers rely on to make purchasing decisions? How do blogs, podcasts and other Web 2.0 tools influence their vendor selections? What keywords do HR professionals use to search for various HR services? How important is a vendor's online visibility? These questions and more will be answered in's upcoming research report, Trends in HR Marketing: HR Buyers' Behavior 2007.

HR Alloy Inc., the only provider of advanced Qualification Management Systems™ (QMS), today announced an equity investment of $3 million to expand it's SaaS assessment delivery services to the talent management marketplace. HR Alloy's founder and CTO, Paul Blanchard, started the company as Sand-Ho Software, a software development company specializing in custom applications to service the technically complex delivery of psychometric testing used in the assessment of people for jobs.

The Human Capital Institute (HCI), a global professional association and educator in talent management strategies, and, the first social commerce platform for recruiters to motivate their social networks to yield well-screened candidates, announced today that will sponsor HCI's Employee and Alumni Referral education and research track, one of several topics addressed in HCI's Talent Acquisition community of interest, a community HCI considers essential for organizations striving to build competitive advantage.

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Couldn't Pass It Up:
Former BT employee turned top U.K. entrepreneur launches the business opportunity review website, to ensure consumers don't get taken in by the junk mail con-artists and mail-order phonies who are out to rip them off.

The Business Opportunity Review is a newly launched newsletter website dedicated to giving an honest and impartial view of which home business opportunities really work – and which are out-and-out scams. The best part? It's based entirely on actual product reviews by the people who buy them.

You Should Know:
International Stress Management Expert Carole Spiers is to make her 3rd visit to Dubai in less than a year to fulfil professional speaking engagements on the hot-topic of work-related stress. Her latest visit - from 29 March to 12 April - comes hot on the heels of her successful appearance at last November's 4th Middle East Safety Management Congress, at which she alerted business leaders to the serious threats posed to their organisations by traumatic incidents. This time she is specially extending her stay to enable businesses to arrange appointments with her to discuss and learn about the diverse issues surrounding work-related stress.

"Each time I come to Dubai, I meet more and more people whose businesses are experiencing the damaging effects of work-related stress - exactly the same situation where UK organisations found themselves ten years ago," explains Carole Spiers. "What our experience in the UK has taught us over the last decade is that not only are the effects of stress extremely costly from an economic point of view, they are also avoidable. This is why I am making it my mission to help Dubai businesses prevent workplace stress from taking hold in the first place - and so avoid subjecting themselves to similar results."

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Deep Release:
The SHRM/Rutgers LINETM Employment Expectation Report for April 2007 has been released.

Key findings:
    Manufacturing hiring repeats last year's growth; service sector slowing
    Still no evidence of wage inflation
    Recruiting difficulty down in manufacturing, up in service sector
Please visit for details. Download Report (PDF). If you have not yet participated in the short survey about the LINETM web site, we invite you to take a few minutes to give us your input at The SHRM/Rutgers LINETM is the new employment indicator developed by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) in collaboration with the Rutgers University School of Management and Labor Relations. Guide to Top Specialty Boards
Where Top Candidates Seek Career Opportunites
Accounting / Finance
Accounting / Finance
Call Center
Drivers / Trucking
Employee Benefits
Enviro/Occup. Health & Safety
Health / Medical
Hispanic / Bilingual
Hotels / Hospitality
Regional - Orlando, FL
Regional - DE, NJ, NY, PA
Security Clearance
Tax Specialists
Telecom / Wireless
For more Specialty Boards, visit:
The Employer's Corner on

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