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John Sumser presents the interbiznet Bugler

interbiznet presents The Bugler

September 13, 2006
Niche Boards: The Problem
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Mastering the Ultimate Staffing Metric: Quality of Hire

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Reveille and Hyperbole:
More than 150 years after Elizabeth Blackwell earned her medical degree, women physicians are pioneering trends towards part-time or flexible working arrangements. Established in 1999 to provide support and information to empower women in medicine, today announced the launch of an improved physician job listings and unique job seeker service geared towards the female physician. The service will enable more women physicians to achieve work-life balance, as job listings include full-time, part-time, job share and usually hard-to-find flexible physician job opportunities.

SalesTrax, a sales specific career fair and niche job board company, recently launched a newly designed website and are now offering free, unlimited job posting for "qualified" employers of sales professionals. is a state-of-the-art job board designed to address the needs of local employers and job seekers. This new employment website was developed by Online Advantage, Inc. and licensed to WDBJ7 TV, CBS affiliate serving 25 counties in Southwest and Central Virginia. The main objective for is to bring together employers and job seekers in Roanoke, Lynchburg, New River Valley, Danville, Martinsville and Smith Mountain Lake. announces launch of its unique job portal - is Information Technology specific global job portal, on a single ‘dot com' address companies can advertise and source IT professionals globally. IT career seekers now do not have to go to multiple, fragmented job board for career search. The portal also has hosted web based built-in free applicant tracking system (ATS). The portal has IT job advertisement from Japan to USA and global IT candidate database.

Bill Kasko, President of Frontline Source Group,, announced a new partnership with the Job Board,, for posting new positions that the company will now be utilizing on a full time basis.  In his statement today, Kasko said that "this new partnership will allow potential candidates to identify jobs that Frontline is working on sooner." Kasko went on to say, "The ability for Frontline to get information out to the marketplace as soon as possible due to the hot job market is key not only for the Frontline candidates but to candidates that have no idea about the positions. We will utilize a new function offered by called the Referral Reward program."

PostNewsweek Tech Media, the leading publisher in the government IT marketplace, launched Technology Professionals Marketplace, a network of four online and print recruiting tools: GCN Jobs, Washington Technology Jobs, Defense Systems Jobs, and Government Leader Jobs. The network reaches an audience of 300,000+ passive and active job seekers in the government IT community. The Technology Professionals Marketplace provides a suite of recruitment products that allow recruiters to directly reach a highly targeted audience of federal government IT contractors, workers and decision makers. The program leverages the existing audiences of Government Computer News, Washington Technology, Defense Systems, and Government Leader to help government IT recruiters reach job seekers. By offering online job postings, print and web recruitment ads, as well as access to targeted career fairs, Technology Professionals Marketplace provides a robust recruitment source that can be tailored to fit particular recruitment needs.

An online discussion group formed initially to provide a place for professional services practitioners to share ideas and post jobs, announced its launch today as PSVillage. PSVillage is a member-based online community aimed at helping the senior management of technology professional services/consulting services facilitate the exchange of ideas, strategies, jobs and best practices.

Dice Inc., the nation's leading provider of job boards and job fairs for technology, engineering and security-cleared professionals, and Targeted Job Fairs, a leading provider of career fairs for technology and engineering candidates nationwide and a Dice company, will host a career fair on September 12, 2006 in Chantilly, Virginia and technology, engineering and security clearance job fair on September 13, 2006 in Arlington, Virginia. Both events will be held between 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Admission is free.

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You Should Know:
St George joins innovative age management initiative

St George Bank have joined the ranks of companies serious about age management, sponsoring an innovative new job board connecting over 40s professional job seekers with organisations. St George Bank's sponsorship and support of puts them at the forefront of the global age management challenge which has seen companies seek new ways to tap into mature talent as the number of younger job seekers dwindles and 85% of new labour force growth comes from the over 45s. (MatureMarket)

Why Traditional Resume Mining and job board sourcing doesnt work well outside the United States

Shally Steckerl, Manager, Core Technical Central Sourcing Team, Microsoft Corp
Traditional resume mining and job board sourcing doesn't work well outside the United States. Very few global sourcing departments have been able to use their "standard" techniques successfully worldwide. In many cases separate strategies must be created for each of the worlds regions, but in every case local customs and idiosyncrasies have deep impact on sourcing tactics. The Internet is a cultural phenomenon, and like most other cultural phenomenon it has different meanings or interpretations even within the cultural subgroups of one nation. As a result, a highly flexible, centralized multi-tiered approach must be made. Soucing Centers that develop International expertise by channels and not regions will be successful. (OnRec)

Beware Unofficial Web Traffic Stats Warns The IT Job Board
Be wary of unauthorised website traffic statistics warns The IT Job Board
The IT Job Board,, is to provide additional service information to employers hiring IT professionals. The online recruitment specialist has registered with media industry data measurement body, ABC ELECTRONIC (ABCE), to provide monthly, independently-audited, website traffic statistics that provide organisations with accurate, objective figures on the number of potential candidates viewing their online job advertisements. The IT Job Board is also the only site of its kind to monitor application activity. The most recent figures published show The IT Job Board has almost 400,000 unique users per month, a significantly higher number than its nearest competitor in the niche online IT recruitment sector. The IT Job Board's statistics also drill down to reveal that 177,113 visitors clicked the "Apply Now" button for the positions in which they were interested, which converts to around 125,000 actual job applications. Rival sites do not provide this level of detail. (ITBackbones)

Blogs Start Job Boards
Sites like GigaOm and TechCrunch are rushing to list help-wanted ads, but is there room for all?
The next wave after blogs targeted at particular interest may be niche job sites. On Friday, GigaOm, the blogging network started by former Business 2.0 writer Om Malik, launched its own job board. The board, which charges $200 per listing, plans to make itself the destination for job listings from telecommunications, broadband, and networking companies, particularly for positions at the managerial levels. (RedHerring) offering 'White Glove' service for job seekers has developed a new, effective marketing tool for candidates seeking employment in the golf industry. Our "White Glove" service guarantees maximum and timely exposure to hiring managers.No other recruiting source has the technology and marketing prowess to get your resume in front of leading golf companies as quickly and effectively as' "White Glove" service. (WorldGolf)

Jet Airways' COO, VP (HR) quit
In a move that could give a jolt to premier private carrier Jet Airways, two of its top executives, including the chief operating officer, on Thursday put in their papers. Dale Moss, who joined the airline as COO in May this year, resigned from his post today, aviation sources said. Sarat Chandran, Jet`s Vice President (Human Resources), also quit, the sources said, without giving reasons why the two executive moved out. (Zee News)

South West job board has launched
South West Job Board launches this month to a fanfare of support from local businesses, recruiters and job seekers.  is now live and on-line allowing employers in the SW to advertise jobs cheaply, quickly and efficiently online, while providing a FREE and easy resource for job seekers to find jobs in the South West, no matter where they are in the country. (OnRec)

TechCrunch launches UK site
I've just returned from holiday where I did my best to stay completely away from any technology other than my camera (for good reason), and am getting back into the swing of things nicely. One of the pleasant not-so surprises on returning was the recent launch of a UK TechCrunch site which is focused on UK Web 2.0 and mobile startups.I guess the writing was on the wall. Ever since Michael Arrington made is way to the UK, there were whispers that a UK version would appear sooner or later. Turns out it was both, depending on how starved you are for good UK Web 2.0 knowledge. (Econsultancy)

Madgex launches
Madgex today announces the completion of a major job board project for, the new recruitment website dedicated to the full range of IT jobs on both the technical and commercial side of IT.  The new website, which is unique in the market, has been designed by Madgex and is powered by the award winning Origin Job Board Software platform. (OnRec)

The Inquirer updates its CV by launching a dedicated jobs service
Highly respected technology news site, The Inquirer has entered the online IT recruitment scene by launching a dedicated Jobs service . Tailored for its tech savvy audience of nearly 3m IT professionals, the Inquirer Job site will offer access to an extremely high concentration of skilled and experienced IT experts. (OnRec)

ARRK Technical Services Establishes Internet Presence
The website comprises of three sections—ARRK Engineering and Design Services, ARRK Recruitment and the ARRK Job Board. This is the first of a number of strategic initiatives that will be announced over the next few months by the ARRK Technical Services management team: ‘As we grow and evolve as a company then the message we deliver to our customers is also evolving", commented General Manager, Jason Roberts. (OnRec)

ARRK Technical Services Establishes Internet Presence
The website comprises of three sections—ARRK Engineering and Design Services, ARRK Recruitment and the ARRK Job Board. This is the first of a number of strategic initiatives that will be announced over the next few months by the ARRK Technical Services management team: ‘As we grow and evolve as a company then the message we deliver to our customers is also evolving", commented General Manager, Jason Roberts. (econsultancy)

Grapevinejobs goes International
grapevinejobs Ltd announces the launch of its first international affiliate, on Sept 6, 2006. is operated under license by Broadcast Press BV, a Dutch publisher of trade magazines and events for the entertainment and media sectors. (OnRec)

Grapevinejobs goes International
grapevinejobs Ltd announces the launch of its first international affiliate, on Sept 6, 2006. is operated under license by Broadcast Press BV, a Dutch publisher of trade magazines and events for the entertainment and media sectors. (OnRec)

Asheville site adds restaurant job board to assist Trevi workers
The Asheville Independent Restaurant Association had already planned to add a job board, but the closure of Trevi Restaurant & Gourmet Market prompted them to rush it online. "In light of Trevi's closing so abruptly and leaving a large staff out of work, we worked this weekend to get AIR's new Job Posting Board up and running," said Sandie Rhodes, executive officer of the association. (Citizen Times)

Employment Services teaming with Career Services to provide jobs Web
Part-time jobs in the community are just a click away for CMU students thanks to an intiative set up by John Kulhavi. Kulhavi, chairman of the Board of Trustees, established the Off-Campus Initiative a year and a half ago for Student Employment Services and the Career Services departments to share resources, creating a portal for off-campus businesses or individuals to post job openings. (Central Michigan Life)

Deep Release:
The Art of Getting Paid: A Few Secrets from a Creditors' Rights Expert
Bob Bernstein, managing partner of Pittsburgh's Bernstein Law Firm, shares some "inside tips" that help businesses collect what they're owed.
You make a living selling on credit. And if you are like many of your colleagues, you don't think about the possibility of not getting paid until, well . . . until you don't get paid. Like the guy who can't remember to bring along his umbrella until he's caught outside in a rainstorm, by the time you realize your mistake, it's too late to avoid a soaking. The solution is simple, says Robert Bernstein: take the time to learn about collecting and creditors' rights before the unpaid bills start piling up.

"Many sales organizations are so focused on 'getting the sale' that they inadvertently do the wrong things," says Bernstein, managing partner of Bernstein Law Firm, P.C. "It's understandable. There is an inherent tension between sales and credit, and until your company learns to defuse that tension, you're going to keep making the same mistakes."

Bernstein—whose Pittsburgh-based firm specializes in creditors' rights, bankruptcy, retail and commercial collections, lease enforcement, and mortgage foreclosure—helps companies from all industries take decisive action to improve their odds of getting paid what they're owed.

"Sometimes a few minor adjustments in your 'credit application' process can make a big difference," he points out. "Other times, you have to change the way you deal with slow and late payers. But one principle holds true for virtually every creditor: there is no substitute for knowledge. The more you learn about creditors' rights, the more likely you are to collect payment."

Below, Bernstein shares a few little-known creditors' rights secrets:

· If a company's creditworthiness seems marginal, look for alternative pockets. Admittedly, it's not advisable to extend credit to a company whose application sends up red flags. On the other hand, you need all the business you can get and risk-taking is integral to making money. So how can a creditor resolve this paradox? Bernstein suggests looking for alternative pockets. "Take a look at the creditworthiness of the Principles of the business," he says. "Or explore affiliated companies that might be more solvent. If you and the client are persistent, you can usually figure out a solution."

· Retain a purchase money security interest with a debtor. "This is a rarely used but highly effective trick of the trade that enhances the possibility that you will get paid," says Bernstein. "It's usually appropriate if you are supplying non-perishable goods or products. A purchase money security interest basically gives you a string on the merchandise and the proceeds. Actually, I am not sure why it's so seldom used—it works beautifully."

· When a previously "good" customer stops paying, remember: communication trumps litigation. "Find out what's going on," advises Bernstein. "Investigate—and the sooner, the better. It's usually best not to jump into litigation. You don't want to ruin a good long-term relationship over what might be a short-term customer problem."

By the way, he adds, if a non-paying customer has a problem with your product or service, don't ignore it. "If you simply sue for payment without addressing the problem, the customer may end up countersuing," says Bernstein.

· Don't send a salesperson to do a collector's job. It's usually—not always—a bad idea to let your salespeople double as collectors. "Most salespeople are relationship-oriented and aren't predisposed to taking a tough line," says Bernstein. "It's just not their nature. If the initial refusal to pay could be the result of a quality problem, send the salesperson in to try to solve it. If he or she doesn't have any luck, find someone experienced in hearing excuses from debtors.

"Actually, your bookkeeper might be the perfect candidate!" he adds.

"Remember, the biggest sale in the world means nothing until you get paid," says Bernstein. "Getting paid is what makes companies successful. Filling out that credit application properly may not be as exhilarating as that deal-closing handshake, but it's just as critical, if not more so. It helps ensure that potential profits become real profits . . . and real profits are what put food on the table."

To learn more about the art of getting paid, sign up for Bernstein's teleseminar "Top 10 Creditors' Rights Secrets Revealed!," scheduled for Tuesday, September 12, 2006, at 2:00 p.m. eastern. To register, go to .

# # #

Bernstein Law Firm, P.C., is a family-owned and managed law firm located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is renowned for its expertise in bankruptcy, retail and commercial collections, lease enforcement, creditors' rights, and mortgage foreclosure. In addition to its more than thirty-five years of experience in these areas, the firm's capabilities include banking, administrative, real estate, civil, business, and appellate law.

Bernstein has more board-certified creditors' rights specialists in Pennsylvania than any other law firm.

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