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Recruiting News for the Human Resource Professional

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Recruiting News for the Human Resource Professional

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John Sumser presents the interbiznet Bugler

interbiznet presents The Bugler

July 31, 2006
Transparency - Metrics
Read John Sumser's Electronic Recruiting News.

White Paper Available: 
Boomers to Bust Age Bias? Baby Boomers Redefine Retirement

Reveille and Hyperbole:
Burdened by environmental, labor and other complicated regulations, California is considered by many experts to be the most difficult state in which to do business. These complexities have led to the tremendous growth and increasing need for the PEO -- Professional Employer Organization -- industry in California. A recent study revealed that 60 percent of California business leaders were frustrated by policies that restrict job growth and are rife with oppressive regulatory standards. The study conducted by the consulting firm Bain & Co. reported that the price of doing business in California costs approximately 30 percent more than in other Western states, and that California regulations are "more costly, complex and uncertain than those in any other state, by a wide margin."

MedSurge Advances, the nation's largest independent provider of aesthetic medicine products and services to physicians, today announced a new recruitment offering to guide doctors through the process of hiring and retaining personnel for their medical spas.  "High employee turnover can be crippling to a new business; according to a recent Harvard University study, 80 percent of turnover is due to hiring mistakes," said Paul Herchman, CEO of MedSurge Advances. "Hiring the best staff can dramatically increase an aesthetic practice's chance of success." MedSurge Advances has assembled a team of recruiters with years of experience in hiring salespeople, aestheticians, and other MedSpa staff. As specialists in the business of aesthetic medicine, the company's recruiters know the common hurdles physicians face in hiring and retaining a peak-performing team.

The Reina Trust Building Institute has been established to develop understanding of the behaviors that build and break trust in the workplace, and to provide steps to rebuild, sustain, and measure it. The Institute, the only one of its kind in the nation, will disseminate its findings widely, offering information, tools and resources that organizations can use to sustain trust and energize their people and performance. Its work is the result of 15 years of research related to trust and betrayal in the workplace, directed by Drs. Dennis and Michelle Reina in more than 100 organizations.

Monster Worldwide, Inc. (MNST) reported financial results for the second quarter and six months ended June 30, 2006. "We are very pleased to report outstanding second quarter financial results and an improved outlook for the full year. Monster's significant revenue growth, strong earnings and healthy cash flow clearly reflect the successful execution of Monster Worldwide's key strategic priorities," said Andrew J. McKelvey, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Monster Worldwide. "All of our business units made solid contributions to the quarter's strength. Monster Careers North America continued to serve as the cornerstone of our growth, delivering a 29% increase in revenue again this quarter, while our International operations and Internet Advertising and Fees business were truly standout performers with year over year revenue growth of 62% and 46%, respectively. The sale of the TMP Advertising Communications business in Europe during the quarter enabled us to further tighten our focus on profitably expanding the Monster business globally. Our operating efficiency and the scale of our business supported continued margin expansion even as we prudently invested in sales, product and marketing initiatives to drive sustained long-term growth." Mr. McKelvey added, "In the US, we are particularly excited about the opportunities created by our new partnership with Philadelphia Media Holdings, owners of the hometown newspapers and leading local online site serving Philadelphia, the nation's fourth largest metropolitan market.

OneClickHR PLC said it has signed a trading partnership agreement with Ceridian for its technology.  Under the agreement OneClickHR will license on a royalty basis to Ceridian who in turn will offer the technology to its customers both in the UK and internationally.

InfoBasis, the skills management expert, has teamed up with learning solutions provider Thomson NETg to launch Skills Now platform. Based on InfoBasis Enterprise Skills InfrastructureTM, the Thomson NETg Skills Now platform provides a clear route to organisation-wide competency-based training. Skills Now is used to analyse skills gaps against a suite of ready-to-go competency models developed by industry leaders, including the SFIA Foundation. Training can then be deployed to rectify these skills gaps, though a combination of e-Learning and instructor-led interventions. "Enterprises will be able to understand the training needs of their personnel and ensure the right people have the right skills, all in one service," said Joe Marcelle, UK managing director at Thomson NETg. "Skills Now is comprehensive, quick to use and available immediately. It addresses customer demand to help identify training needs and have solutions which support their talent management strategies. We anticipate the market for it will be international.", an Amherst, NY human resource consulting firm, introduces two new tools to help companies reduce employee turnover. These tools help to quickly and economically assess turnover risk in an organization, and help determine which employees will stay. The tools were created by Joel Goldberg, Ph.D., a nationally recognized expert in employee retention, who began researching the subject at Harvard University in the 1980's. In addition to these proprietary new tools, the firm offers a full range of employee retention consulting services, including employee satisfaction surveys and an exit interviewing system. The company helps clients find solutions to its employee retention problems. Their customers include large and small corporations, professional firms, and non profit organizations

Vurv Technology has joined the Google Enterprise Professional program to bring Google enterprise search to Vurv customers. This alliance leverages the power of Google search to help customers maximize user adoption and get more value out of their Vurv talent management suite.

Bullhorn, a provider of On Demand, front office staffing and recruiting software, today announced continued stellar growth in the staffing and recruiting software market for the second quarter of 2006, which ended on June 30, 2006. Compared to Q2 2005, Bullhorn's 103 percent increase in new customer sales aided an overall 55 percent revenue increase, which was strong across all market segments from emerging firms to the enterprise. Growth from existing customers was also solid with an 11 percent increase that demonstrates the strength of Bullhorn's software as a service business model. Bullhorn's software as a service business model consists of monthly recurring revenue from new and existing customers and one-time professional services fees.

The Recruiting Solutions division (formerly TruStar Solutions) of First Advantage Corporation (NASDAQ: FADV), a global risk mitigation and business solutions provider, announced today the addition of Winn Van Brimer as the new director of recruiting solutions and the promotions of two key recruiting solutions development experts. The move to acquire and promote leadership talent is part of a strategy designed to continue the company's history of intelligent growth based upon client needs.

Deck Chairs:
Friendster announced the appointment of Aaron Barnes to vice president of sales, Chander Sarna to vice president of engineering and operations, and the addition of Josh Hannah to its board of directors. These strategic additions strengthen Friendster's position as a leading social networking company, helping to provide its users with quality products, services and tools and advertisers with an elite targeted audience.....Futurestep, the outsourced recruitment subsidiary of executive search firm Korn/Ferry International, has appointed George Puig as president of North America...Korn/Ferry International has added Irene Ortiz-Glass to its Irvine office as senior client partner, leadership development solutions. In her role, Ms. Ortiz-Glass will help guide the expansion of Korn/Ferry's suite of talent management services throughout the Western United States. Most recently, she was founder and president of Diverse Connections, an executive search and consulting firm dedicated to the recruitment of minority talent and the development of diversity strategies....Arbita, a provider of global recruitment technology solutions,  announced the appointment of Ed Haswell as Chief Technology Officer (CTO).  Haswell brings two decades of progressively responsible experience in leading product development and programming teams in major corporate environments.

You Should Know:

Make new friends: Choose workplace for connections
Here's some advice for those of you who don't like your job: maybe the job is not your problem. Maybe it's that you're not trying hard enough to make friends at work. People with one friend at work are much more likely to find their work interesting. And people with at least three close friends at work are 96 percent more likely to be extremely satisfied with their life. These are some of the findings Tom Rath reports in his new book, Vital Friends: The People You Can't Afford to Live Without. A longtime Gallup Organization employee who leads its workplace and leadership consulting worldwide, Rath draws on more than five million interviews conducted by the research and polling organization. (theHook)

Just Text Me: The Growth of Global Mobile Marketing
Speaker Profile for Online Recruitment Expo 2006
Louis Vong, Vice President, Interactive Strategy, TMP
* Get a glimpse into the mobile marketing marketplace and the strong implications it holds for recruiting
* Learn how you can use new innovative strategies with emphasis on the latest technologies and tools to build dynamic and immersive brand experiences
Back in the good old days when we needed something from our colleagues we'd simply say - "send me an email." Today, that "old phrase" is being replaced by text messaging and mobile marketing. With new technologies and enhanced content, the mobile phone has become a multimedia communications tool and entertainment center. In this session you'll get a glimpse into the mobile marketing marketplace and the strong implications it holds for recruiting. (OnRec)

Boredom index puts HR just behind accountancy as exciting graduate career option
The first Workforce Boredom Index – produced by the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) – found that workers in HR were marginally more bored than accountants, but administrative and secretarial staff were the most fed up. Also bored with their jobs were manufacturing and sales employees, ranked second and third on the index. Teachers and healthcare workers were the least bored at work. The TDA surveyed more than 2,000 graduates aged 21 to 45, finding more than half were regularly bored at work. (Personnel Today)

Google vs. Yahoo: homepage vertical search usability
Homepage search usability is a key differentiating factor in the battle between Google and Yahoo. Google's claim to fame is the simplicity of its stark homepage. Yahoo has invested heavily in the redesign of its hompage. Both Google and Yahoo fall short in a key area of homepage search usability: direct to vertical search from the homepage. Vertical search is key to both Google and Yahoo for their future growth. Vertical search users may be considered more "quailified" leads than general search users and ads on vertical SERPs, therefore, may command higher rates. (ZDNet)

Friendster Patents Could Make Enemies
Pioneering social-networking site Friendster may soon be making enemies rather than friends as a result of a patent it was recently awarded. Friendster last month received a patent related to searching for people online based on their relationships, and expects to soon be awarded another one, related to uploading user-generated content; it's now thinking about what it wants to do with what may be formidable weapons that have been handed it, writes the Wall Street Journal. (VOX)

New Zealand:
Web 2.0 on the rise

The internet is slowly but surely morphing into a Web 2.0 environment characterised by open interfaces and collaborative development, according to a senior IT consultant with Wellington-based consultancy firm Igniter. Stefan Korn, who has a PhD in artificial intelligence and web-based machine learning, gave a presentation on trends in Web 2.0 at a New Zealand Computer Society event yesterday. He describes Web 2.0 as a "paradigm shift" from, for example, personal websites to blogs. "There has been a distinct shift from creating your own website, which involved lots of work, to going to and within 10 minutes you have your own site," he says. (m-net)

Companies Increasingly Offering Workplace Benefits for Employees Who Provide Elder Care
U.S. companies are increasingly offering employees elder care benefits similar to those given to workers with child dependents, the Wall Street Journal reports. Today, about one-quarter of U.S. companies offer basic elder care benefits -- mainly referrals to help find caregivers and legal services -- while about 9% of companies offer additional benefits, including extended leaves of absence and in-home care during an emergency, according to a survey released last month by the Society for Human Resource Management. Workers who care for elderly relatives cost U.S. businesses about $34 billion annually in absenteeism, replacement costs and lost productivity, according to a survey by the National Alliance for Caregiving and the MetLife Foundation. (kaiser)

UNT professor comments on employers using search engines, social networking sites to screen job candidates
Social networking sites like,, and are popular ways for people to meet others with similar interests, and express their individual creativity. But more and more, employers are examining the profiles of prospective employees. A professor of management at the University of North Texas says if somebody posts on these networking sites, they need to watch what they post. Dr. Nancy Boyd-Lillie, associate professor and acting chair of the management department at UNT, says, "I can see why an employer would want to do this. If the site is not password protected, then anybody could see it. Job applicants and employees give up a degree of privacy when they use these sites to post personal information. Only government workers are protected by the First Amendment and privacy legislation."Privacy concerns usually don't come into play, unless the person is applying for some sort of government job." (ntxe news)

Deep Release:
Second Annual Survey Reveals Trends and Preferences in Readership, Online Utilities and Advertising

College Publisher, a content management software used by a network of over 450 college newspaper websites, has issued its second annual College Newspaper Readership Survey. More than 7,500 college undergraduates, graduate students and recent alumni were asked about their readership preferences, trends in Internet usage and effectiveness of online advertisements. The survey provides key statistics and trend indicators for newspaper executives and marketers looking to effectively capture this demographic. College Publisher is a division of Y2M: Youth Media & Marketing Networks, a strategic marketing services company that connects major brands with the college and recent graduate market.

Advertising Statistics – "Keep it Simple"

According to the survey, readers favor a simpler, cleaner and more attractive advertisement when browsing online.

  • 52 percent of respondents are more likely to pay attention to a text-based advertisement.
  • 45 percent of readers are attracted to an advertisement because "the underlying service is appealing."
  • 32 percent of respondents are likely to respond to an advertisement if its design is "simple."
  • 46 percent of respondents would be more interested in online advertising if it targeted their specific interests, bolstering the notion that marketers should develop designs specific to the 18-24 year-old demographic.

Internet Statistics – "Online Revolution"

Readers of online college newspapers have proven they are sophisticated consumers of web-based media and are enjoying the emergence of converged media. In addition to content, various points of interaction have a large impact on a newspaper website's ability to attract readers.

  • 44 percent of survey respondents want video/vodcasts and editor blogs made available through their college newspaper's website.
  • With 94 percent, Google is clearly the most used search engine. Yahoo! ranked a distant second with 39 percent, perhaps an indication not only of Google's market-wide penetration, but the high level of emphasis the company places on courting college students.
  • Job search tools remain in high demand for this demographic, with respondents citing as the most frequently visited service site. and also ranked highly on the list.
  • Instant messaging, auction/classifieds and social networking sites topped the list of most frequently used interactive features.

Newspaper (Online and Print) Readership Statistics – "Stay Current"

Despite the perception that undergraduate students do not read newspapers, this year's survey suggests they read newspapers that target their interests.

  • 7 percent of the survey's undergraduate respondents reported reading the print edition of the campus newspaper at least once each month.
  • A staggering 90 percent of readers of print college newspapers reported doing so for local and campus news, underscoring the value that readers place on the local content provided by their college newspaper.
  • Built-in audiences for online college newspapers continue to grow, as alumni communities add new members to their ranks upon graduation every year, while universities welcome a new crop of freshmen readers each fall.
  • Undergraduates prefer reading online versions of national news sources, as 49 percent report visiting at least once per month and 35 percent visit the New York Times Online ( once per month, trending significantly higher than reading national newspapers in print.

"For traditional media, an important takeaway is that college newspaper readership is very strong among college students," said Dina Pradel, vice president and general manager of Y2M. "The challenge for traditional media, however, is to understand why students are such avid readers of their college newspapers and carry some of those lessons to their own publications. For marketers, these results represent good news for those who have had difficulty in engaging the college market. There are young people with a high disposition toward reading news and turning to technology for a majority of their daily needs, making online and print campus media an excellent option for marketers in most verticals."

About College Publisher, Inc.
College Publisher ( is the leading provider of publishing and marketing services to the collegiate publishing market. Located in Boston, Mass., the technology and marketing services company delivers professional online publishing tools and educational services that enable student publications to create successful online properties. The College Publisher Network is the nation's largest interactive college media network, comprising over 450 campus publications that serve institutions such as Brown University, the University of Illinois, the University of Southern California, and Duke University, with a combined enrollment of nearly five million students and a subscriber base of 2.1 million. The College Publisher Network is owned and represented exclusively by Y2M: Youth Media and Marketing Networks. 
About Y2M: Youth Media & Marketing Networks
Y2M is a media and marketing company focused exclusively on the college market. From its headquarters in Boston, Mass., the company reaches college students and recent graduates where they live, study, work and play, through media properties including official campus newspapers, underground campus communities and scholarship search engines, as well as on-campus marketing efforts. Leveraging its knowledge of college-educated consumers, Y2M helps advertisers, including Ford Motor Company, Samsung Electronics NA, Amazon, Apple and Goldman Sachs effectively connect with students and graduates online, in print and on campus. For more information, please call 617-399-8000 or visit


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