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interbiznet presents the Bugler
October 31, 2005
Rusty Reuff
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Reveille and Hyperbole
The U.S. Postal Inspection Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and National White Collar Crime Center's Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), the Merchant Risk Council, Monster Worldwide,  and Target Corporation will announce a new education and awareness campaign designed to protect consumers against Internet fraud.  The press conference will be at Monday, October 31st at 1:00 p.m. EDT. It will be  webcast (log-in information:, and available in just audio at the following dial-in numbers:
In the USA: 1-888-882-NEWS
International: 1-703-234-0340

START NETWORKING NOW IF YOU GRADUATE IN MAY, SAYS COLLEGEJOURNAL.COM College seniors who want to have a job when they graduate in May need to start networking now, says, The Wall Street Journal's guide for career-minded college students. Job-seekers are preparing their résumés for what may be the strongest fall hiring season in years. Numerous indicators suggest the job market is brightening after a long gloomy spell. The national unemployment rate, at 5%, is at the lowest level since September 2001; job searches are becoming shorter; and job changes are becoming more frequent.

Monster Worldwide, Inc. (MNST) has launched its new corporate web site at received a special commendation at the EIQA Awards in Dublin. The W-Mark global certification programme, developed by EIQA and accredited by the e-Commerce Standards Board, evaluates and audits websites to internationally recognised standards. is the first company operating across the UK to be awarded the W-Mark. sites, which include, and, were subjected to over 100 tests designed to identity quality and excellence in areas as diverse as accessibility; privacy and data protection; security; and customer services. Launches...Offering a new and innovative way for businesses to hire top talent using the "name your price" economic model, strategically position corporate HR as profit centers within their organizations, manage recruitment vendor relationships through one single point of contact, and provide risk mitigation services during cost cutting initiatives. launched the redesign of their job board with the help of Dynamica, the web design and marketing specialists behind top niche online recruitment sites such as "secsinthecity" and "justlondonjobs"., the just-launched online job board focused on the community of CAD/CAM professionals and the companies that employ them, has already become the premier job board within the industry. Completely free to both employers and jobseekers, the easy-to-navigate site serves as an employment resource for companies and CAD/CAM talent working with any of the currently available CAD/CAM platforms., the online recruitment portal, announced this month its link with the Wall Street Journal's executive recruitment service – Career Journal. OnRec supplies the Journal with top international recruitment stories and news each month.

JobStreet , an online recruitment company in Singapore, has achieved a pro-forma consolidated profit after tax of RM 4.0 million during the first 6 months of 2004 on turnover of RM 16.2 million, surpassing last years' total profits by almost 50%.

Talent Zoo launches Radio Talent Zoo, a network of podcasts concentrating on the communications industry. The first show on this new network will be "The Naked Career", a weekly show hosted by Sally Hogshead, critically acclaimed creative director and author of Radical Careering: 100 Truths to Jumpstart Your Job, Your Career, and Your Life.

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Deck Chairs
CRI, a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service provider has named Human Capital Institute Chairman Michael Foster and GlobalCare CEO Ed Solomon to its advisory board....Anne Drapeau joined VistaPrint as executive vice president and chief people officer...

You Should Know


  • Newspapers' future 'healthy' Age editor Andrew Jaspan believes newspapers have a healthy future, so long as the companies running them evolve and take advantage of emerging technologies to deliver information.  In a speech to the Property Council this month, Mr Jaspan said that "armchair experts" who predict the slow death of newspapers in the 24/7 internet era were blind to the transformation of some media companies such as The Age into successful multimedia organisations.  "Ten years ago The Age was the first newspaper to go online in Australia," he said.  "At that point it ceased just being a newspaper in the traditional sense." (The Age)
  • Dumbing down the media Newspaper classified advertising, which has funded quality print journalism in Australia for the past century, is in the process of migrating to the Internet. The massive profits from classified advertising that have provided the "subsidy" for serious journalism in newspapers like the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age are about to evaporate, and without that subsidy there will be no funding source available to finance the large resources required to produce quality journalism. This is a ticking time bomb for Australia's best newspapers. (OnlineOpinion)

  • HK job boom highlights talent shortage Hong Kong's job market is booming -- if you're a skilled worker.  Employers complain of a talent shortage, vacancies are on the rise and companies are being forced to boost wages.  The boom heralds stronger growth for Hong Kong. But a deeper look at the statistics highlights a problem: a big mismatch between labour supply and demand. In short, Hong Kong has too many unskilled workers and not enough skilled ones. (Reuters UK)


  • Google gives peek at classified ad service  Google Inc. has unintentionally provided a sneak peek at what appears to be a looming expansion into classified advertising - a free service that might antagonize some of the Internet search engine's biggest customers, including online auctioneer eBay Inc. (Mercury News)
  • SOA skills shortage stalling the promise of a new era  A critical skills shortage is holding back the widespread use of service oriented architectures (SOA) and the promise of a new era of interoperability. John Brand, research director for IT analyst firm Hydrasight, attributes the shortage to confusion over what SOA is. "SOA is a good buzzword but its definition changes between organizations," says Brand  (Utility Computing)
  • Google site hurts eBay...An online classified advertising service being tested by Google has set off intense speculation after a Web site for the service was accidentally made public and discovered by a computer programmer. The service, which was named Google Base and was for a time accessible at, described itself as "Google's database into which you can add all types of content." (International Herald-Tribune)
  • Study: Rich nations aiding 'Brain Drain'  One of every four doctors in North America, Britain and Australia is an immigrant who attended a foreign medical school, contributing to a "brain drain" that deprives poor countries of good medical care, researchers say.  As many as three-quarters of physicians who come to rich countries hail from less-developed ones grappling with AIDS, infectious diseases and other health scourges, the study found. In the United States, for example, most foreign doctors are from India, the Philippines and Pakistan. (MercuryNews)

  • HR practices in India of global standards  Hitting at a spate of reports on the labor issues in the BPO industry, the apex association of the IT industry Nasscom, said that the ‘cutting edge' HR practices followed by BPO firms in India were setting standards for even the developed nations.  Nasscom President, Kiran Karnik said, "We take pride in the fact that IT industry has contributed to India's image globally. Every body visiting India wants to know about Indian IT processes. It is an open challenge to anyone who can prove that their working conditions are better than ours in India." (SiliconIndia)
  • Working conditions good in BPOs; HR guideline in pipeline: Nasscom Denying reports of appalling working condition in call centres, Nasscom today said the human resource practices in Indian BPOs comply with global standards, offering promising prospects of career growth and decent remuneration.  Terming the tirade against BPOs as a planned ''campaign'', Nasscom President Kiran Karnik told a press conference here that the industry was offering good working conditions, transferable skills to workers and providing adequate leave and compensation. (WebIndia123)
  • India escapes worst of brain drain  Despite the hullabaloo in the 1990s about brain drain from India, it may have escaped the deleterious effect of talent flight compared to other small poor third world countries in Africa, South America and the Caribbean, a World Bank study has said, a paper reported.  In an extensive survey of data from 30 OECD countries such as the U.S., U.K, Canada and Australia (rich nations under the head Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), the study estimates that 25 percent to 50 percent of college educated citizens of poor countries like Ghana, Mozambique, Kenya, Uganda and El Salvador lived abroad in an OECD country. This goes up to more than 80 percent for Haiti and Jamaica, the Economic Times said.(SiliconIndia)

  • Japan May Use Sales Tax for Welfare Payments, Tanigaki Says  Japan may need to consider using sales taxes as a source to finance its growing social welfare payments, Finance Minister Sadakazu Tanigaki said.... Japan needs to bolster its tax receipts to help curb the expansion of public debt, which is projected by the ministry to rise to 151 percent of gross domestic product by March 31, the highest among the world's major industrialized nations. Japan also faces a drop in the number of taxpayers as more Japanese retire and the population declines, increasing the social welfare budget.  (Bloomberg)

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South Africa:
  • presents new opportunities for SA talent, the global ideas stock, based in Switzerland and with offices in London, Mumbai and Ljubljana (Slovenia), put its weight behind South African creativity by sponsoring the print craft category at the recent Loerie Awards.  As the online platform for the sale of marketing communications ideas, OpenAd has received strong recognition in the media and in the industry throughout the UK, Latin America, India and parts of continental Europe for its innovation and freshness of thought.  (

  • Slow recruitment causing executive distress Slow recruitment is costing UK companies both time and money as a new survey finds that it typically takes more than four months to fill an executive vacancy.  Research by recruiter Executives Online has found that while four months is the normal time taken to fill senior posts, the process takes at least six months in a quarter of organisations.  The study involved interviews with 102 HR managers and line managers who are actively involved in the recruitment of senior personnel and who work for UK organisations across a range of industries and with turnover in excess of 25 million.  With the average company needing to hire six senior executives each year, the study suggest that around two full years (6 x 4 months) of senior executive time is lost to each company because of the time taken to fill vacant posts. (Management Issues)
  • Superdrug moves its recruitment online Health and beauty retailer Superdrug has shifted its entire recruitment process online to cope with a recent surge of job applications.  The move followed the success of a standard online job-board recruitment campaign for store managers and pharmacists, which attracted more than 10,000 CVs in only five months. (Personnel Today)
  • Online recruitment is now the norm for switched on job hunters A recent survey by the IRS Employment Review has revealed that online recruitment is now the norm for two-thirds of organisations.  According to the survey, in the past year online recruitment methods have gained credibility and are more popular than ever with the ever-increasing number of University graduates.  Submitting a CV online is now the most popular method off applying for a job, and is used by two-thirds of employers. Only 40% of companies are using the traditional paper application form. (OnRec)
  • Britain worst hit by brain drain A World Bank report says Britain is the worst hit by global "brain drain," having lost more than 1.44 million graduates to higher paying jobs elsewhere.  The gains were made mostly by the United States, Canada and Australia.  The British drain far outweighs the 1.26 million immigrant graduates in the country, leaving a net "brain loss" of some 200,000, reports the Independent newspaper. (ScienceDaily)

  • A state of decline  Why Massachusetts is losing people Massachusetts faces yet another period of economic reinvention, demographic trends now raise disturbing questions about the long-term viability of this virtuous circle between innovation and economic prosperity in the Commonwealth. Massachusetts, to put it simply, is losing people. And many of those leaving are precisely the people upon whom the economy has always depended to provide the state's leading industries with the skilled labor, innovative capacity, and ''Yankee ingenuity" that have made Massachusetts a leader in the global innovation economy. (
  • Frisco-based company architects HR solutions HRchitect helps companies sift through and implement software  The company started in Rick Fletcher's Starwood home bedroom, moved to Cambridge, Mass., and eventually moved back to Frisco. (InsideTxBiz)
  • New study disputes dire forecast of worker skills gap Workplace readiness is becoming an often-voiced concern as HR professionals face the prospect of a smaller, and what they believe is an ill-equipped, workforce.  But there is little evidence of a large or growing gap between employers' demand for skilled workers and their supply, said Michael J. Handel, author of the new study, Worker Skills and Job Requirements: Is There a Mismatch?  "In fact, the very existence of a skills mismatch or skills shortage may be in doubt and is by no means as obvious as often asserted," writes Handel, associate sociology professor at Northeastern University in Boston. (SHRM)
  • Lawmakers discuss teacher recruitment North Carolina is short 11,000 teachers. Some said it's due to standards that are too strict on out-of-state instructors who might want to come here.  Lawmakers and the board of education are coming to the table to discuss one such policy. (News14)

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Survey Sez
Study Shows How Companies Incentize 'Staff" vs. "Line" Employees

A new study from Business 21 Publishing Research shows that when it comes to creating line-of-sight criteria for staff positions, almost half of all HR managers throw up their hands and say, "I'm not even going to try!" Seven percent give no bonus at all to staff employees; another 42% simply tie bonuses to overall company performance.

Pay for performance is based on the idea that where a worker can vary output according to effort, the prospect of increased pay will lead to greater performance. In many positions, the line of sight between effort and output is clear. Sales is an obvious example. But companies struggle with incentivizing staff employees, where the line of sight is a notoriously difficult process.

The B21 survey off 137 companies showed that more than half make some kind of effort and tie staff-employee bonus criteria to specific outcomes.

Survey results:

-42% of companies simply tie a year-end bonus to company performance

-27% use a year-end bonus based on tasks completed

-25% use spot bonuses given at the manager's discretion

-5% offer straight salary with no bonus provision at all.

The Business 21 HR Intelligence Center is a vast library containing free articles, Q&As, quizzes, sample policies and other information on 20+ HR-related topics including: FMLA, ADA, FLSA, compensation, benefits, leadership, recruiting, privacy, termination, retention and more. Click her to join for free:
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